Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood xbox360 £9.93 delivered @ amazon
Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood xbox360 £9.93 delivered @ amazon

Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood xbox360 £9.93 delivered @ amazon

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* Dual Collaborative Gameplay: Players can choose to embody either Ray or Thomas, each with a distinctive gameplay style, specific abilities, and weapons. They collaborate with their other brother taking advantage of each of their strengths and joining fire in the fiercest fights imaginable.
* Deadly Gun Slinging: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood offers a visceral shooting experience, relying on gun skills and upgradeable guns. Whether close or long range, they harness a variety of weapons from heavy caliber canons to machine guns and various pistols for face-to-face duels. Every accurate shot increases their concentration, which allows them to unleash deadly shooting modes when outnumbered, and even deadlier ones when the brothers work together.
* Uncharted Territory: Bound in Blood depicts the West before it was tamed with iconic settings full of outlaws. The McCall brothers face a gritty Lady, a renegade Apache chief, a greedy Mexican bandit, and a vindictive Colonel, all driven by greed and moral disregard. The players enjoy a wide variety of situations, using horses, canoes, and wagons to explore the open natural landscapes of the mythical Wild West and of its legendary period.
* Innovative Western-themed Multiplayer: Gunslingers, Bandits, and Marshalls struggle online for the bounty. Multiple characters are unlocked for team-based objectives modes or the straight forward team deathmatch. Bound in Blood introduces a Bounty system, which sees the players increase the bounty on their head with more kills and try to get rid of the deadliest among them to increase their bank-rolls! Objectives-driven, team based missions let them relive the most famous scenes of the Wild West.


Really Enjoyed this game
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multiplayer isnt brill, but gave me a few hours of fun

not my cup of tea but worth a punt at that price! Imo of course

Cheap price, crappy game*


Isn't the forthcoming "Red Dead Redemption" supposed to be *the* cowboy game ?

showing as 11.73£ now, damn those Amazon "kangaroo" prices ...

Its not crappy atall. It got 8.0 from gamespot and as far as im concerned its a better game than say MW2. The western setting is refreshing and the story is interesting. It captures all the hollywood western cliches really well, music visuals and voice acting are all very good. And even the civil war era introduction was cool, the fact that you are fighting for the confederacy was i thought a risky move on the game makers part. And even the mention of slaves is in this game. 8 out of 10 atleast.
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