Call of Juarez Gunslinger (Steam Key) @ GetGames

Call of Juarez Gunslinger (Steam Key) @ GetGames

Found 28th Aug 2015
Good price for a very good and underrated arcade like fps. it is a steam key so you don't have to bother with the Uplay crap. They also have bound in blood for £2.49 (…ood ) and the cartel for £1.99 (but tbh that game is rubbish) (…tel )

Steam page for game:…50/
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Looks good! A 2013 game with 79% critic/ 8.2 user reviews at Metacritic.

Metacritic Reviews

I might get it- I haven't played a cowboy shoot-em-up since Sunset Riders...
Heat added
Call of Juarez is one of my favourite series and gunslinger is the best of them.
purchased, many thanks!
Was playing this earlier today funnily enough. Cracking game. Nice comic book graphics. Story loosely based on true events. Very satisfying shooting physics.
Finished it just the other week. Great game. Well worth it.
Simple gun shooter fun
£11.99? Am I missing something?

Could have done with an arcadey shooter...
seems to have crept back up to £11.99, good deal while it lasted

£11.99? Am I missing something?Could have done with an arcadey shooter...

I clicked on expire but it has not expired. weird. i've reported it to the admins, they should be able to deal with it.
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