Call of Juarez - PC game - HMV bargain - £4.99 - western shoot-em up FPS

Call of Juarez - PC game - HMV bargain - £4.99 - western shoot-em up FPS

£4.99HMV Deals
Found 8th May 2007
Call of Juarez is a First Person Shooter for PC, inspired from the greatest movies of the Western genre.

At this price £5.99 you can not go wrong at all. It received some decent reviews and the graphics look amazing.

Players will choose to play as either one of two different characters: Billy, a young fugitive accused of murder, or the merciless vigilante hunting him down, the Reverend Ray, an ex-outlaw who turned to religion, believing that God Himself has chosen Ray to be the instrument of His wrath.

Now £4.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
- flashpanther
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Thanks - looks like a bit of fun, and as you say, graphics look superb.
That's what I thought. I had it shortlisted on my favourites after I found it for £10 a month ago and thought it was a bargain then. Even if its just a few days worth of fun. Can go wrong now for only £6 I thought after searching prices for it again on [url][/url] . I waited till my order confirmation went through with HMV before posting it here though lol. Didnt want them selling out and me not getting one.
It does look good but having played it for a couple of hours, its just a run of the mill game. Nice find though, great price.
Had the game a couple days now. It's a good game for the price. Just the dialogue between characters cannot be skipped and is alittle slow. That is only downside. Other than that for the price it's definetely worth it if you fancy a new PC game to fill the gap while you wait for Crysis to be release :P
I also got 30p cash back via Quidco.
now has a directX 10 patch and a directX 10 demo is available to try the game before buying according to Custom PC magazine. Not looked myself as already have the game
down to ONLY £4.99 now !!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

Thats about £4.50 after quidco

Great for testing that directx 10 patch on your new expensive directx 10 enabled graphic card :w00t:
Ordered at £4.99 delivered. Thanks OP.
Time for a new Graphics card methinks
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