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Callisto Protocol (PS5) is £35.85 Delivered @ Hit

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Explore the depths of fear in the all-new, story-driven, survival horror game from the mind of Glen Schofield.

Welcome to Black Iron

Set on Jupiter’s moon Callisto in the year 2320, The Callisto Protocol is a next-generation take on survival horror. The game challenges players to escape the maximum-security Black Iron Prison and uncover its terrifying secrets. A blend of horror, action, and immersive storytelling, The Callisto Protocol game aims to set a new bar for horror in interactive entertainment.

Survive to Escape the Horrors of Callisto

In this narrative-driven, third-person survival horror game set 300 years in the future, the player will take on the role of Jacob Lee—a victim of fate thrown into Black Iron Prison, a maximum-security penitentiary located on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. When inmates begin to transform into monstrous creatures, the prison is thrown into chaos. To survive, Jacob must battle his way to safety to escape Black Iron Prison, while uncovering the dark and disturbing secrets buried beneath the surface of Callisto. Using a unique blend of shooting and close-quarters combat, Jacob will need to adapt his tactics to combat the rapidly evolving creatures while scavenging to unlock new weapons, gear, and abilities to outrun the growing threat and escape the horrors of Jupiter’s Dead Moon.


Horror Engineering - The Callisto Protocol is a next-generation take on survival horror from the mind of Glen Schofield. Blending atmosphere, tension, and brutality with terrifying moments of helplessness and humanity, The Callisto Protocol immerses players in a pulse-pounding story where unspeakable horrors lurk around every corner

Master Brutal, Strategic Combat - The Callisto Protocol challenges players to master a thrilling blend of melee and ranged combat, including a unique gravity weapon once used by Black Iron guards to control the prison population. Players will be forced to get up close and personal with their grotesque opponents, hacking off limbs, blasting off legs, and getting creative with whatever is at their disposal to survive each life-or-death encounter

Uncover the Secrets of the United Jupiter Company - Set on Jupiter’s dead moon Callisto in the year 2320, The Callisto Protocol casts players as Jacob Lee, an inmate in Black Iron Prison. When a mysterious outbreak throws the moon into chaos, Jacob must face his darkest fears to defeat the bloodthirsty creatures that stalk him as he unravels the dark mysteries at the heart of the powerful United Jupiter Company

Experience the Isolation of Jupiter’s Dead Moon - One of the most hostile, isolated environments in the universe, Callisto looms large over Jacob’s desperate struggle to survive. Players must not only contend with the horrors of Black Iron Prison, but also the centuries-old secrets that plague Jupiter’s long-dead moon, both above and below the surface

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    Such a huge critic spilt, gonna wait til it hits £20
    If you played as a woman it would have been game of the year and would have been stunning and brave but it isn't so it is seen as derivative. A third person space action game derivative? of course it is! As is every other game since space Invaders. I enjoyed it. (edited)
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    This reviewed and sold badly so I’ll wait for a bigger price drop.
    I'm waiting for the guy who said (on the pre-order deal) that theres no chance this would drop in price so quickly
  3. Avatar
    Feeling sorry for the dev team as sales were not as expected. Will definitely buy, but games backlog is too big at the mo, I can wait until it hits £20-£22 at Base or TGC
  4. Avatar
    Got it for Christmas. I enjoyed it and I’ve since sold it for £31 on eBay. Worth it at £35, but if you’re in no real rush it will drop sub £30 soon enough.
  5. Avatar
    Playing through this and enjoying it immensely. Worth £35 if you’re looking to blitz through it and trade it in/sell on eBay.
  6. Avatar
    I shall play the game, when it is either £15 to buy the disc version or if it arrives on either of the main two console subscription services...
  7. Avatar
    It's a good, not great game. The release day patch fixed a load of the critic issues too
    Quite a few big titles have turned out to be distinctly average recently. Callisto Protocol and High on Life are two that come to mind instantly. I'm hoping Atomic Heart is decent that's the next one I was looking at.
  8. Avatar
    Mid game
  9. Avatar
    Another decent sci-fi horror game and hopefully they will expand on the universe. Graphics are worth it alone.

    Plus Kimiko from 'The boys' TV show is also starring.
  10. Avatar
    Reviews are all over the place, but seems a good few comments here so will pick it up thanks
  11. Avatar
    Expiring as it’s pricing cheaper at Amazon / Smyths
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