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Calpol Vapour Plug Nightlight Lavender Chamomile 3+ Months (Orange Light) £4 @ Amazon

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Features & details
  • Soothing 8 hour night time comfort
  • Helps to clear and ease breathing
  • Soft Orange Nighlight
  • Lavender and chamomile refill pads
  • Continuous 8 hour release
  • Directions: directions for use: a) cut across the top of the foil pouch to expose pad. b) using the foil to hold the pad, slide the pad into the slot of the vapour plug. c) when replacing a used pad, inserting a fresh pad will push out the old one. dispose of used pads safely without touching them directly. always wash hands after replacing pads. 2. connect to power supply with the nightlight at the bottom. when using the vapour plug with a pad inserted, do not leave the unit in the plug socket for more than 16 hours at a time. after 16 hours, unplug the unit for a few hours before using again. replace the pad before next use. do not disassemble unit or nightlight.

The Calpol Vapour Plug and Nightlight contains a blend of aromatic oils including lavender, chamomile, menthol, camphor and eucalyptus. These oils help to soothe and comfort your child at night time whilst helping to ease breathing. The plug comes with 3 refill pads, and each easy-to-replace refill pad provides up to 8 hours soothing night time comfort. The Calpol Vapour Plug and Nightlight now has a soft orange nightlight, which is activated at night when your lights go out. It can be used from 3 months, and is suitable for grown ups too. The Calpol Vapour Plug and Nightlight is a non medicine, and can be used in conjunction with any Calpol product. Always Read The Label. Contains Vapour Plug and 3 Refill Pads. Soft orange nightlight. Up to 8 hours release

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  1. Avatar
    Might seem cheaper but this used to be 5 refills and now it’s 3, not sure this is much of deal.
  2. Avatar
    This is a great product, really helped my little one when she had a bad cold
    Has excellent reviews on average, nice to hear you've had a good personal experience
  3. Avatar
    These are rubbish, expensive and smell awful. Use Vicks or olbas oil.
  4. Avatar
    Thank you
  5. Avatar
    Thank u ordered:)
  6. Avatar
    £2.80 s&s with voucher thankyou
  7. Avatar
    £3 for me. Thanks for posting, heat added
  8. Avatar
    Any offer on refills?

    Edit: Also, very pleased they’ve changed the design and they no longer have a bright blue light. Who wants blue light at sleep time? (edited)
    The same 15% off S&S can be used on the refills
  9. Avatar
    Terrible terrible product. Refills which are needed for every night are around £1 per go. Just ridiculous compared to Vicks or even a steamer mister type thing you put a few drops of olbas oil in.
  10. Avatar
    I got two the last time they were on offer on Amazon; I think I speak for all parents when I say every little helps when the little ones are sick! The only annoyance is that it only lasts 8 hours before using a refill.
  11. Avatar
    Great find thanks OP
  12. Avatar
    £2.90 with s&s wow what a deal, thanks OP(y)
  13. Avatar
    I've got an older version of this with a bright blue light which isn't great for a night light, got the newer one with the orange light, thanks! Refills are expensive, but the plug in works really well for my little one, I don't trust her with anything else yet. (edited)