Calprofen (Kids Ibuprofen) £1.67 at Boots with voucher
Calprofen (Kids Ibuprofen) £1.67 at Boots with voucher

Calprofen (Kids Ibuprofen) £1.67 at Boots with voucher

Calprofen 100ml currenty on offer at Boots for £2.67 and in the Jan/Feb Health & Beauty mag (page 66 IIRC - free for Clubcard holders - usually by the tills and the doors) there is a voucher for £1 off any Calprofen product making it £1.67.

Also works for the box of 12 sachets at £2.87 - but £1.87 with the voucher.

fab mse spot by asphyxia

link to offer page - but you need to use the voucher to get the extra £1 off - boots.com/web…051


Free with prescription

Free with prescription, or if you register at their pharmacy counter most u16 get free medicine prescriptions made out in store, no need to go to doctors

and if you can't, i think this is £1 in asda's baby event starting tomorrow

yes I'd agree, I always get this free at the pharmacy, as well as many other products for my kids through the minor ailments scheme.

Calprofen = liquid ibuprofen for children.... most stores do there own brand for as £1 u are just paying out for the 'calpol' branding. Waste of money! U wanna save? Drop the brands!

I agree about dropping the brands, BUT be warned! Many cheap brands contain hydrogenated oil in them. This is banned in many countries & most supermarkets have stopped using it in their foods, but it seems some people strangely think it is o.k. to put in a children's medicine?! It cannot be broken down by the body & is linked with many medical conditions. Avoid at all costs.
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