Calvary HD £1.99 @ itunes

Calvary HD £1.99 @ itunes

Found 20th Apr
Buy: £1.99

Rent: £3.49

About the Film:


good man intent on making the world a better place, Father James

(Brendan Gleeson) is continually shocked and saddened by the spiteful

and confrontational inhabitants of his small country town. One day his

life is threatened during confession. He shrugs off the altercation and

continues to perform his pastoral duties, trying as best he can to help

his parishioners. Soon, however, the sinister and troubling

undercurrents he has tried to ignore start to make their presence felt

more keenly, and as the forces of darkness close in around him he begins

to wonder if he will have the courage to face his own personal Calvary.
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Great movie, seen it twice. Hits you hard, square in the emotion box.
Must be a glitch. Never been this cheap
Superb film!!!
Brilliant film. Brilliant allegory built in to the story line. Excellent price!
Edited by: "pgilc1" 20th Apr
Such a genius film. Brendan Gleeson has a few lesser known films like this I love. The Guard and The Grand Seduction spring to mind!
Great find ... Thanks 🙏
Same price on Amazon.
Enjoyed this film on netflix
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