Calvin Klein Eternity Moment £21.17 (from £56) @ Amazon 100ml

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment £21.17 (from £56) @ Amazon 100ml

Found 16th Dec 2014
Not sure if this has been posted already but what a Bargain! (62% saving!!) and sold by Amazon!

Grabbed myself one as an "early" Christmas present :P


This gets regularly posted with prices varying between £19.99 all the way up to £29.99 (both those prices were available from can you believe of all places!). Also for £22.95 from and £24.99 from Fragrance Shop, I think it was? That's off top of my head over past month of so.

Decent price. Personally I prefer the original timeless classic CK Eternity for women to Eternity Moment. And also CK Eternity for men as opposed to Eternity Aqua and the many special editions that I've tried over the years.

thanks got one for the wife
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