Calypso once a day sun cream £2.99 in Aldi!

Calypso once a day sun cream £2.99 in Aldi!

Found 2nd Sep 2014Made hot 2nd Sep 2014
Aldi have calypso once a day sun cream factor 10, 20 or 50 for £2.99 for 200mls


I use this when it's sunny and when I'm biking. Excellent stuff, not sticky like some sun screen products.

Hot from me.

Heat added as it's a good price however I used it this year on holiday and burned so would go back to using p20 next time.

I took the spray version to Cyprus a few weeks back, it does exactly what it says on the bottle, highly recommended

First class product. You must remember to apply it twice the first time you use it though.


Both myself and hubby took a very bad allergic reaction to this. Please test before use. Didn't like the smell & we found it very sticky.

Love aldi!!

Which? say Tesco do best value for money on sun cream.

We've just returned from Florida and can highly recommend this product. It worked perfectly for us and does exactly what it says on the bottle.

I use this stuff all the time and find its great and that's from a ginner who burns easily

Got 4 of them last week. great stuff ...only 4 left in the Tunstall stoke-on-Trent branch this morning!

have tried nearly all high protection sun screens ie; expensive brands ...found lots sticky or leaves skin white cream marks, or have an allergy to them ...this one is the best I have ever tried!! I read in clinical tests done few months ago all inc. high end sunscreens were not actually up to protecting the factor advertised This one was the one that got top reports and protected. So that is why I bought this to try...will only use this from now on!!
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