Cambridge Audio Azur 840A Stereo Amplifier £399.95 @ richer sounds
Cambridge Audio Azur 840A Stereo Amplifier £399.95 @ richer sounds

Cambridge Audio Azur 840A Stereo Amplifier £399.95 @ richer sounds

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Hi all been looking for a new amp and stumbled across this in the "clearance bargains" section of richer sounds website, the link posted gives a list of all the stores where this is available and how much stock. Having done a bit of research, this amp is by all accounts a brilliant addition to any set up.

"Honestly, the biggest difference between this and most amps costing twice as much is in the looks/show-off factor. It's more than competent sonically, and comes attractively specified too - we love it". Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

They're usually about £800 but this is the older V1 model. Still an absolute steal as the difference between V1 and V2 seems to be fairly minimal and at half the price this seems a great deal.

It's available in quite a few stores but I've been told they'll deliver it for you if you don't live nearby any of them, though obviously at some additional cost.

Unfortunately this is out of my budget otherwise I would've snapped one up, but hope this can help someone

EDIT: here's a list of where available...


Cheltenham 1 01242 572572
Croydon 1 020 8667 1100
Exeter 2 01392 272772
Leeds 1 0113 245 5717
London Bridge 1 020 7403 1201
London City 1 020 7626 8006
Milton Keynes 1 01908 608908
Newcastle 1 0191 230 1392
Romford 1 01708 747727
Stockport 1 0161 480 1700
Tunbridge Wells 1 01892 618818
Weybridge 1 01932 821 111
York 1 01904 644 002


Can't see this on the site at all... Sorry


I had a good look on the website but couldnt see it.

Original Poster

Hi,got one,was a bargain at £750.
Plenty of good reviews for it & opinions in HiFi Forums.

Cheers BOB

voted cold because last time i seen something in the clearance section was a set of surround speakers. toddled off to buy them only to be told there was only 3 not 5..

you need to check what it comes with and how battered it is.

Loads of money for something without HDMI switching or DTS surround sound. For the RRP, Onkyo, HK and others can do full receivers with excellent sound reviews.

I have the 640A Mk 2 and it's pretty decent.

Hi,if you havn't had a seperate dedicated stereo Amp,you don't know what your missing.Got a Yammy 2500(oldish,but good sound spec etc,pure stereo ie switchs rest of stuff off,no video connections etc,to add cost etc,about £900 RRP),840A pees on by a long long way.
Lot who use a AV amp for music as well,end up with a Bryston at £3000 or even more expensive ones.If they don't want to lose anything quality etc wise.
I lived and learn't,thats for sure
Can't beat Horse's for Course's,most of the time

One early review(before it was even for sale),guy's fairly neutral ie hes not the Fanboy type etc:-


Cheers BOB

ps 640A is well liked & rated as well,lots of happy owners

got one THANKS!


840C CD Player(& works as a top notch DAC,why i got it),is even more regarded,be very lucky to get that cheap thou ie current(no updates,& non planned i think) & very well respected against ones way more expensive.

Cheers BOB

Richer Sounds City branch has moved to
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London, E1 7LS
TEL: 0333 900 0045
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