Cambridge Audio DVD89 (SACD/ DVD-A) was £99.95 now £69.95 instore @ Richer Sounds (VIP member price)

Cambridge Audio DVD89 (SACD/ DVD-A) was £99.95 now £69.95 instore @ Richer Sounds (VIP member price)

Found 11th Dec 2008
This is a great price for an SACD/ DVD-A player that also plays DVDs and CDs. Richer Sounds say...

Welcome to the ultimate Cambridge DVD player! Cambridge Audio has really pulled all the stops out with their latest DVD89, and have produced a DVD player that wants for nothing. For the first time in a Cambridge product, the DVD89 features Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD). This 24-bit technology gives a sense of realism and space that leaves even Compact Disc gasping in its wake. Furthermore, and like other high-end Cambridge DVD players, the DVD-89 also offers DVD-Audio playback - another format designed to impress the audiophile.

Yet it's not just the audio side that Cambridge has concentrated on. Building on previous players, the DVD89 is the first Cambridge player to offer an HDMI interface. This gives the best possible, digital, video and sound signal to a compatible TV. In addition to this, and almost uniquely at this price, the DVD89 also features a DVI output - ideal if your TV uses this digital interface instead of HDMI. As you'd expect, the analogue socketry is pretty comprehensive, too. There's an RGB equipped SCART, S-Video and Component outputs all as standard.

Finally, with its latest generation electronics, the DVD89 will happily play MPEG4 and DivX discs. In fact it's compatible with DivX 3.11, 4, 5 and even Pro XVID.

As you'd expect from Cambridge Audio, all this technology is encased in a slim-line and thoroughly stylish housing. Quite simply, the Cambridge DVD89 has it all!
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Find me the terms and conditions for that, then I will be able to say good deal or not, I couldn't find them and tbh I bet theres a catch.
[SIZE="2"]All you do is give them your email address and they email you offers. You then go instore and tell them the VIP price offer and hey presto - you've got yourself a deal. It really is that simple.[/SIZE] :thumbsup:
Hot deal, you dont get many SACD/DVD-A capable players available, have quite a few Depeche Mode SACD and the sound quality is fantastic.

Is the offer only on the silver ones or the black ones as well?
[SIZE="2"]It's worth going instore and asking them to do this price for the black version. Retailers are very keen to get our money these days.[/SIZE]
This is indeed a very hot deal.

I would also like to say thanks to the OP who remembered me from a previous sacd thread, months ago, and messaged me drawing my attention to this and explaining things to me about this player.

Great forum member, thanks. Have some rep:thumbsup:
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