Cambridge Audio ID10 Ipod Dock - £9.99 @ Richer Sounds

Cambridge Audio ID10 Ipod Dock - £9.99 @ Richer Sounds

Found 16th Dec 2007
Get yourself an iPod docking station from a top audio company for less than a tenner!

That's right the Cambridge Audio IP10 is a frill-free iPod dock that offers Apple iPod convenience for the price of fish and chips for two!

Designed to fit most Apple iPod's, the smart silver finish looks good with black, white or even the new "Classic" silver iPods.

Coming complete with a remote sensor, the ID10 is remote controllable via an optional remote or many iPod compatible remotes including Cambridge's own Azur Navigator series. A 3.5mm socket allows for quick and easy connection to a full range of hi-fi components.


not sure why this is being voted cold. I have one, its well worth a tenner - but if you want remote control - they controls are an extra £10. Instead, you can get a Kingston dock with remote control for £20 that is radio controlled as opposed to Infrared (change tracks from a different room) - and comes with better cables (I have one of these as well). You have to subscribe to their free VIP club to get them at this price. Still, for non-remote control - the Cambridge audio for £10 is a steal. voted hot.

I got this a couple of weeks back plus the optional £10 remote. Works a treat.

"I got this a couple of weeks back plus the optional £10 remote. Works a treat."

Quite, me too, after endless searching about on the net, I simply walked into Richer Sounds and there it was.

One thing to point out, is that the remote accesses all functions on the iPod unlike the very disappointing remote for the thing made by the company itself and all this for £20.

I can't recommend it enough, particularly if you're on a budget!

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