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Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Manufacturer Refurbished True Wireless Headphones + Free Case £31.96 With Code @ Cambridge Audio / Ebay

£31.96£39.9520% off
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Comes with a free case, £31.96 and will come as new these, if not you are able to return of course, credit @Chanchi32 for code again.

Basic Specifications
  • Up to 9hrs earphone playback from a single charge
  • Carry Case holds an additional 36hrs (4 full charges)
  • Graphene drivers for deep bass & clear treble
  • Super Lightweight - just 4.6g per earphone
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology with SBC, AAC and aptX support - up to CD-quality audio
  • Award-winning: 'Best wireless earphones under £200' at the latest What Hi-Fi? Awards.
  • Available in Black and Stone


  • IPX5 rating
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • SBC, AAC, and aptX
  • Stylish, lightweight case

eBay More details at eBay

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  1. Avatar
    Absolutely terrible for phone calls and mine suffered a lot of drop outs in connection while listening to music.Good sound though when working
  2. Avatar
    Well worth £30. I am happy with mine
  3. Avatar
    Great sound quality, but not to be used for anything active
  4. Avatar
    I had these on offer last time, and they did sound great. But they kept cutting out for no reason. I requested a return, they just gave me a refund and didn't want them returning. So, good customer service, but leads me to think they know there are some issues.
    I think it's more that they didn't want to sell them on again after you put them in your ears.

    These things are incredibly cheap to make. They can afford to refund the occasional one.
  5. Avatar
    Constant connection issues and not the best fit. Not worth it IMO
    Change tips... that's the secret sauce...
  6. Avatar
    Voting hot, sound for music and videos is good but for phone calls it is poor
  7. Avatar
    Not had any issues with audio quality or dropping out, but find these are designed to spring out of my ears!
    Maybe you need to change tips because these, whilst they look like they might fall out, are rock solid in my ears.
  8. Avatar
    Would not recommend, had some for a week or two, constantly dropping connection with my phone.
    And the sharp edges that really hurt the ear.. I also returned mine to amazon after buying it at 40GBP
  9. Avatar
    I have the Melomania 1+ and I have to say I haven't been that impressed with them. They have a habit of losing connection and I had to send my first set back, just wouldn't work and the second pair were a pain to get working and needed a firmware update. They are not the most comfortable earbud to wear. Not sure what the sound signiture is like on the 1 but I found the 1+ to sound rather thin. Not sure I would recommend them (edited)
    Sound terrible when I used the silicon tips but totally transformed with the memory foam tips.
  10. Avatar
    Great earphones at a super price ♨️
  11. Avatar
    Worth a punt at this price to see if you get a pair that doesn't have issues.
  12. Avatar
    Surely better to get the 1+ version for a bit more?
  13. Avatar
    This is the first edition NOT the plus which has wireless charging and the app with EQ. For me the app is where I would find the value. Having said that I have this version and it's easily amongst the best earphones I've heard.
    Wireless charging of the case/holder?
  14. Avatar
    Crazy hot deal, appreciate these are refurbs but it's from the manufacturer so should be fully tested, cleaned etc. Have so many wireless headphones as it is otherwise would snap these up
  15. Avatar
    Music sounds fantastic. Live and engaging. Almost on par with my sennheiser momentum
  16. Avatar
    I love mine. Sound quality is brilliant for music. Can't comment on phone calls as I never use them for calls. Only small issue I have is sometimes the right doesn't connect straight away so I have to pop it back in the case and back out again, literally takes 2 seconds. If I remember I paid approx £80 for mine about 2 years ago.
  17. Avatar
    Out of interest, how do they get encrusted earwax out of the case?
    Easy Supermann?
  18. Avatar
    How do they compare to something like the Anker Life P2 Mini?
    Sound is far superior but I ended up returning mine due to the connection issues, replaced them with the P2s which I have had no issues with. This was when these were £99 new though.
  19. Avatar
    Could I connect these to my firestick and watch TV without disturbing the house? If so, does anyone know if the firestick control the volume?
    I connect a Bluetooth set to my firecube and its works great. Can't tell you what codec it's using though.
  20. Avatar
    Constantly getting only a single earphone connecting on mine and the sound quality is lacking. Call quality is also terrible. Swapping to my wired earphones is like night and day. There's a massive part of the higher frequencies missing in the melomania's which makes it sound dull and slightly muffled.

    I'd recommend something better.
  21. Avatar
    Nee good for going go sleep with though also bat lasts maybe 5 hours a pop decent
  22. Avatar
    Had some for a day and went faulty, would not recommend
  23. Avatar
    Good value at this price, but bear in mind the 1+ have dropped to ~£40ish before. 1+ offer much more stable bluetooth connectivity IMHO (had both) and USB-C charging.
  24. Avatar
    Very happy with mine until I rolled over one of them with my computer chair… so ill grab these
  25. Avatar
    Sound great. I bought this last time. And the battery would last 15-20mins. Returned for refund. Short time after there was a offer on brand new so got those. Been perfect. So would be wary of the refurbished ones
  26. Avatar
    Not sure i would want secondhand earbuds
  27. Avatar
    Found them uncomfortable to wear they keep falling out with normal walking also mic is not great outdoor and no noise reduction. I use them in bed when other half is asleep to liesnt to music. But wouldn't buy again as there are better one for less than £50 (edited)
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