Cambridge audio tv2 soundbase - £119 @ Richersounds

Cambridge audio tv2 soundbase - £119 @ Richersounds

Found 17th Jan 2017
This seems like a good deal.
It got a very good review on what hi-fi and trusted reviews and that was at the higher price.
There is a v2 out now hence the reduction in price. But seems like a good deal to boost TV sound.
Ps you may need to be a vip member to get this price, but that is a simple email sign up.
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Anybody got one
They didn't have any in Nottingham when I was looking a few weeks ago - good price if you can find it. TV 5 is on a good offer too.

I ended up buying Canton DM55 for £250. Quite a bit more, but better sound.

Anybody got one

​Listened to one in the Nottingham branch. Wasn't massively impressed, so spent a bit more on the Panasonic SC-HTE200 at John Lewis (£199). Thought the TV2 sounded a bit "harsh".
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