Cambridge Sciences Starpad I, 7" Android ICS Tablet - AndroidTablets fulfilled by Amazon - £69.99

Cambridge Sciences Starpad I, 7" Android ICS Tablet - AndroidTablets fulfilled by Amazon - £69.99

Found 19th Jul 2012
I saw the Wendy Lou deal a few weeks ago on Amazon and hesitated. Then I saw it on here, went back to Amazon and she had put the price up! Doh!

So I have been looking at a few tablets in the hope of finding another decent deal.

Please tell me what you think of this tablet if you own it in its current guise [or the old!]
I think the main benefit is that is is fulfilled by Amazon themselves...

Details are currently £69.99 with Amazon free standard delivery:

CPU: 1.2 GHz A10 Dual core CPU + 500MHz Graphics Co-Processor, Supports 2D/3D graphics acceleration
Operating System: ANDROID 4.0 (ICE CREAM SANDWICH)
RAM: 512MB
Expansion: Supports MicroSD card up to 32GB
Screen: 7" CAPACITIVE Touchscreen
Resolution: 800X480 - 16:9
Network: WIFI: IEEE802.11b/g/n
Front facing Camera
G-Sensor: Yes
Multi-Touch and Pinch Zoom: Yes
Flash 11.1: Yes
Google Play Store: Yes
YouTube: Yes
EBooks: TXT, PDF, HTML, RTF, FB2...
Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
High-quality speakers
Built-in microphone
Video HD Output: 2160P HDMI, 50Mb streaming
3D Games: GPU (OpenGL ES-CM 1.1)
External Ports: Mini USB ports, 1 x MicroSD port, 1 x HDMI 2160P port, 1 x Headphone, 1 x microphone, 1 x Charger.
Power adapter: 5V, 2A
Battery capacity: 7.4V/4000mA rechargeable battery: 6~8 hours
Standby time: More than 48 hours,
Video playback: 5 hours
Product Size: 19.50 × 12.30 × 0.8cm
Product Weight: 400 g


Umm..not dual core it seems?

Processor Speed1.6 GHz
Processor Count1

Plus the reviews are mentioning different products ..smells a bit fishy..If legit then fantastic for a dual core but if not then average.
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Umm..not dual core it seems?Processor Speed1.6 GHzProcessor Count1Plus … Umm..not dual core it seems?Processor Speed1.6 GHzProcessor Count1Plus the reviews are mentioning different products ..smells a bit fishy..If legit then fantastic for a dual core but if not then average.

I thought so too chapchap. I read some of the reviews so I am hoping that some of the lovely people on here have it in the current state and as described - though I think definitely not dual core as you say, and delivered by Amazon is swaying me towards a punt.....

Link to Starpad webpage

Bit of a gaff there, says "With its High Definition 2160p screen and 1024x600 resolution the starPAD 1.0 lets you enjoy games and movies on the go". The 2160p is only available on the HDMI output of course. (click on more product information).

The cpu info says:

Processor Speed 1.7 GHz
Processor Count 2

RRP £169.99 inc VAT

Amazon seems to call the model the G7, but that is an older one I think, with android 3
Looks to me like amazon have mixed up the specs from two different models. I wonder which one you will get.

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If so, it can be returned for being not as described.

This review is a little troubling:

PLEASE BE WARNED - Product title + spec have been CHANGED - many reviews relate to different Android tablet! VERY misleading, 8 July 2012
A. White (UK)

This review is from: Android 4.0.3 (LATEST VERSION OF ICE CREAM SANDWICH) G7 WAFER (WAFER thin) 7inch Tablet PC. CAPACITIVE Touchscreen. 4GB Memory, Flash 11.1, Camera, HD Movies, UK GOOGLEPLAY Shop + FREE SKYPE VIDEO CALLS
On seeing news of an Android 4 tablet at such a good price I came to this page to find out more and nearly off my chair at reading "Instant Order Update: You purchased this item [in March 2012]".

Having convinced myself I wasn't going mad and hadn't bought an Android 4 tablet then forgotten, or had my account hacked, I checked my email confirmation from that time and, sure enough, the item I purchased was a completely different one.. a cheap & cheerful lower spec "8GB Cambridge Sciences G7-II 7inch Android 2.3 Tablet. 8GB Hard Drive. Capacitive Touchscreen. Flash 11.0"

I recognise a number of the reviews from that era and can't believe someone has just edited the product page title, meaning that many of the 5-star reviews relate to a totally different product. On the plus side (potentially) the flaws that led to 1-star reviews also do not relate to this product, though the seller isn't doing themselves any favours by associating a new device with old complaints!

I do urge you to check that any positive reviews which may ultimately result in a purchase of this item were actually posted in the last month or two and refer specifically to this 4.0.3 tablet.

Not amazing
check aliexpress for good deals
10 inch IPS for just 109 quid delivered

quite often they say "dual core" and mean 1 CPU and 1 GPU core .. ie NOt we really mean by dual core (ie 2 cpu cores)

at this price it could be a A10 based (decent 1 core CPU with decent mali GPU) or a horrid old slow cpu and gpu ...

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If so, it can be returned for being not as described.

Exactly my thoughts

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It was the review you mention which prompted this post; you are correct to say it is a little troubling.

I am hoping there are a few people on here who have one of the supposed new ones and can enlighten us. . . . . fingers crossed.

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The link now points to a different tablet on Amazon - which looks different to the one I posted.

This may be due to some of the problems spoken of above... I am steering clear of this one, I urge you to do the same.

I will expire this thread.

The CPU specs in the specs list and in the second specs list in the description are still inconsistent. What's wrong with these guys?

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The pictures are different showing different interfaces as described, but still retains the reviews/feedback score. I have a feeling Amazon have sorted out the problems with the listing as I have seen the original one here - on another page


I bit the bullet and ordered one of these last night, it shipped earlier today to should have it by Tuesday at the latest - If thread is still open and anyone's sitting on the fence I'll post some pics and impressions.

Spoke to the girl Tracey representing the business earlier today as well and pretty much highlighted what all of you guys had said about the reviews and the changing specs on listings/listings being swapped round etc. She didn't comment on the reviews but said in regards to the listing now pointing to another tablet on Amazon, thats to do with stock levels. Amazon has sold and allocated what they were holding at their warehouse thus the next batch will be stock coming from the business seller which Amazon will order up if that makes any sense to anyone.

Company seem fine, keen to impress and efficient, reviews that I read praised after service and support - ties in with that I guess. Can't think of many companies where staff send you emails within the hour at 6:30pm on a Friday myself either to be honest.

If its the Android 4.03 G7 Wafer thin 4gb listed then I'll be happy enough, viewed a few videos on Youtube earlier today of that model and for the price definetly worth a punt - if its not as listed both Amazon and the seller will be getting their **** slapped.

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I bit the bullet and ordered one of these last night, it shipped earlier … I bit the bullet and ordered one of these last night, it shipped earlier today to should have it by Tuesday at the latest - If thread is still open and anyone's sitting on the fence I'll post some pics and impressions.

good for you s_k_n.. I await your review with eagerness...!

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Also, they have changed the pictures on this yet again and it is now £89.99............
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Yeah, I'm no expert on tablets unfortunately. This is probably an entry level purchase for me with a view to buying a big brand model in 6-12 months when im more knowledgable - I'll put up some high res snaps, details of the make/model and OS version and brief impressions of speed after I've tryed a few games, apps, skype, tested battery life, range of wifi and messed about on the store. If it helps someone out though, great. I noticed they have 3 different models and pricepoints up now as well £69.99, £79.99 & £89.99 think its representing 4gb, 8gb and 16gb models respectively. I'm sure others that viewed this thread have picked one up so hopefully they''ll post some info as well.

Totally concur with your reservations about some of the reviews - fulfilled by Amazon though so no real risk, just inconvenience.

A few friends have Ipads which I don't expect this to be at the price. I reigned in my expectations as I've read many an entry level/mid level tablet bargain thread on HUKD and other sites and also remember the episode of the Gadget show when they reviewed budget tablets, it was grim. As I said though Youtube have a few decent videos, ones an unboxing of the Cambridge G7 clearly with Android 4.0 ICS, sound is muted but it shows you the guy running through the menus and running numerous apps. Theres a few others, one of a guy testing wifi range and grav sensor in a few games - all looks pretty smooth. As I said I remember those Gadget show reviews and the games they tested were very basic but conversely ran like slideshows.

Cheers for posting the deal.

Mine turned up earlier today frenchy77, didn't get put the thing down until the batteries finally gave way - you could say im really impressed.

I'll not put up any pictures as its too much faffing around to show you what the website already had on it but what you get is the black glass screen/white bottom G7 Wafer 7" with Android 4.03, came in the same white/black retail box with charger, mini usb-USB, mini USB-USB input converter cable. Tablet still had protective covers on both front and back so no reason to suspect refurb or as new product and both sides unblemished.

Build quality is pretty damn good, saw a few people complaining about the weight of the tablet in reviews - thats get a life country really, its no heavier or lighter than any mobile device which I've ever used of this size or makeup, I digress however if people are struggling with the weight of these so much that it would massively effect review score I don't know how they manage with the basic demands of life.

Tablet itself as mentioned came with Android 4.03, not an awful lot else installed. Most google apps there, a 3rd party book reader, some adobe apps, a selection of very nice live wallpapers (koi fish/bubbles/black hole and several others) and some tasteful standard walls.

To test I just fired it up, connected to my Wifi - strength/signal and speed all good (150mps?) although did have some messing around initially which was fixed I think by a reboot of my Virgin Media equipment. Created a new google account and tryed the google play store which works great although what I would say is some stuff which clearly would work on the tablet and is there when browsing from a PC is missing when you go through the store on the tablet. Baffles me why they don't have angry birds normal edition but they have angry birds space (paid app), free/trial/limited versions of a few games also don't seem to be on the store which is mildly annoying. A few people warned me of this and said just grab apk files but that carry on is a slippery slope as far as im concerned. Im hesitant about touching anything which I haven't paid for legit or got from a legit freeware site, mild annoyance ensues but positives far outweigh the negatives.

Just for testing purposes grabbed around a dozen news, google books, barcode scanner, labyringth lite, some free game about a knight and another puzzle game by Di$$$ney (wheres my water possibly?) Again very impressed, labyrinth lite works very well on it very much my sort of game, simple and addictive, sensors on the pad work great, looks good and frame rates are solid.

Overall, stellar product and deal - only thing I could be critical about was the plastic screen protector which came with it. Its been cut back to front so sticky side was on the side which faces outwards thus unusable also had a few nasty kinks and marks on it making it unusable in my opinion.

Looks like there sold out of these in any case but just thought I'd chip my 2 cents in just in case they do come up on the site again or another of their products makes it onto the HUKD site in the future. Very good service and a great product, after sales from those guys is supposedly top notch as well so from my viewpoint definetly a pleasant online shopping experience and I couldn't really ask for much else - pretty sure if I contacted them in person they would replace the plastic film screen protector too.

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cheers buddy. I have taken the plunge; says delivery middle of next week. Will post my findings here also

Yeah, still enjoying mine. Ordered a 32gb MicroSd card at the same time from Amazon (£13) which I've been loading up with media. Nearly threw the SD card out as it was buried in amongst brown paper packaging, only noticed it days later.

A couple of apps which I grabbed that impressed me were:-

Cool Reader - alternative to Kindle which I grabbed because it can read books straight from MicroSD, loads of customisation options and it gallops along nicely. Frustrating that there's not one definitive ebook reader out there, Google Books and Kindle definitely have the looks, Cool Reader seems really well coded and packed with options though.

Good Reads - app for the book review community

Mobo Player - noticed many reviews say this is the definitive media player, VLC have an offering but its in beta stages

IMDB - had to install this using apk files grabbed from the internet but love it as a reference app, so much for it being incompatible

Pixlr-o-matic - photo editing and effects

Pocket - app which enables you to save pages/media/emails and the like to view later

Grabbed a stack of wallpaper packs from Google play by a developer called Kovdev, around a dozen packs with at least several walls in each all of which are the default wallpapers from popular tablets like the Galaxy, HTC, Sidekick, LG etc leaked jelly bean wallpapers as well.

I'd also tryed some more games...Dead Trigger, FL Commando, Death Rally which are probably more demanding than any of the other stuff that I'd tryed all ran well though. World of Goo definetly one of the better games I grabbed, didn't rate it as a PC game but as a touchscreen game its awesome. Chalkball is also worth a bash, grabbed a few poker games as well which I've yet to play.

Minecraft runs nicely, but never really understood the appeal of it. Someone bought me it years back and I couldn't stand it, think I played it for 20 minutes just to express my appreciation but it was never played again.

Has anyone confirmed whether this tablet is in fact Dual core?

Also, the pictures on the site show several different tablets. Which (if any) of them show the real device?

Did anyone have any joy getting a nice slip case for this? Have been searching around the web and for some reason every 7" tablet case looks like its just came out of a sweatshop and should be selling for a $1 at dealextreme.

Not really what im looking for, I'd seen the cases with usb keyboards and the neoprene pouchs but would prefer a decent quality leather or faux leather folio style case.
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