Camera Nest Box Kit - £39.99@Aldi this thursday

Camera Nest Box Kit - £39.99@Aldi this thursday

£39.99ALDI Deals
Found 2nd Feb 2010
Perfect idea for bird-watching enthusiasts a camera-in-a-nest-box system that captures incredible images of garden birds as theyre nesting. 50 degree lens enables the camera to focus on the entrance and entire bird box floor.

Zinc plated fastenings for long life
Camera microphone
SCART connector
Weatherproof 30m cable (S-video/power combined)
Adjustable design open or closed nest box
LEDs enable night viewing without disturbing the nest
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Had a Robin nesting in my garage last year who produced 4 chicks - it was a nightmare trying to get some photos without scaring the cr*p out them once their eyes opened - but so cute - while being so ugly after hatching !!! Chicks have such huge out of proportion mouths !!

Could not believe the speed from hatching to flying amazing !!

It would have been nice to have set up a proper camera to keep an eye on how they were doing.

Feel like Bill Oddy now !!!!

Wrong type of bird........ or is it :oops:

You could ask to see her nest. You know to see whats inside hers?
Don't birds have a right to privacy too?
just bought one ov these,must say am impressed with it
picture quality isnt fantastic but quite good,and the infared is really good i tried it out in house with lights out and the picture on the tv was still really clear.
just hope summat goes in it now lol
Picture quality is fantastic if you mount the camera higher than the manual specifies. I placed a newspaper cutting two inches off the base (likely place for eggs/chicks) and then moved the camera up until the image was crisp. Sound quality is surprisingly good too.
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