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Hoya 77mm Pro Neutral Density ND 100 £37.96 @ Cameraking
Found 14th Nov 2014Found 14th Nov 2014
The cheapest I could find this anywhere else was £50 and I paid £37.96.

That's good for Hoya and a huge 77mm fitting.


Good price, you can really have some fun with these. I do find though that these very dense circular filters do vignette alot especially at wide angles and need some work in PP. I chaged to a Lee filter kit about a year ago and although they are more fiddly to set up I find the end product better. Still this is a good price, well worth buying this size of circular filter and using step down rings for your smaller dianimer lenses.

Hoya 77mm HD UV(O) Filter. £36.95 @ CameraKing
Found 11th Nov 2014Found 11th Nov 2014
Was on the look out for a quality new UV(O) filter and found this at a nice price. This is the cheapest it's been in a while… Read more

Why Cold??? I have two of these and love them, reasonable to clean, and protect my lenses fine! Nice and slim so work fine when shooting wide angle. Nice price - hot!! :)

PocketWizard Plus X Transceiver 433MHz £66.95 - CameraKing
Found 30th Sep 2014Found 30th Sep 2014
Best price I could find anywhere for this PocketWizard Trigger, cheaper than Amazon and eBay! They also sell them in a double, triple and quad set, depends on how many triggers yo… Read more
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Great price, thanks for posting I ordered the quad set on Friday and was delivered on Monday! I agree with others on this feed that PW is the best in it's class so I didn't bother with any other brand


@NASKI666 The PocketWizard Plus X is a flash transceiver where you attach one Plus X to your camera and another Plus X to a remote flash, then you set both to the same channel and start taking pictures! In essence you do need more than one, I currently have two and needed another so I bought one from CameraKing as they are the cheapest I could find on Google from a UK based company. A friend of mine just bought the Quad set from them upon my recommendation.


@BEDNIM, I have heard that the YongNuo branded ones can misfire, this can be a big problem depending on what you are doing, the PW’s tend not to misfire and have a superior build quality, for this reason I would recommend PW without a doubt. I didn’t want to buy the YongNuo replica and find out the hard way. The YongNuo is a copy of PW so why not go for the original?


Pocket wizard is the market leaders in remote flash triggers. Although to be honest I use Yongnuo triggers as you get s lot more for your money. These are great though and a good price.


exactly to trigger the flashes. pPW is meant to be best in his class

Crumpler The New Gimp with Moses Effect 10" Laptop Case - Black £2.50 @ cameraking
Found 22nd Sep 2014Found 22nd Sep 2014
Features: Super soft and shiny Neoprene Water and dust repellent Moses Effect coating Super tough zip with anti- scratch protection Elastic loops for in-pouch laptop use

Bought from cameraking via ebay absolute bargain @ £2.50 including next day royal mail delivery great quality argos asus refurb netbook fits perefectly


same price on the camera king ebay shop 8)


No silly, a Gimpesse! ;)


Is a female gimp a gimpette? 8)


Surprised by the lack of gimp joke posts in this thread.

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Kata 123-GO-20 DSLR Sling bag rrp £99 now £40.71 sold by Cameraking on Amazon
Found 26th Dec 2013Found 26th Dec 2013
Was looking for a new rucksack/sling for my kit and came across this... pretty similiar to the price the other week on black Friday. Ive got two other bags by Kata so know this wi… Read more

thanks mudds, have been waiting for a kata deal ordered newer model 3n1 20 DL


I have this bag too - it's a nice compact size, but Tardis-like in terms of the amount of kit you can get in it. My only (slight) criticism with it, is that the long zip that provides a flexible compartment space can limit speed of access because of the buckles that go over it. That said, I have several bags, and this is by far my most preferred. It holds more gear than the much larger Tamrac I also own. It's also very light and comfortable and not too wide/bulky. The price here is good, but I only paid a couple of quid more for mine in the Summer, so the RRP is misleading (as usual).


Nice find, I've got this bag and you can get quite a bit of gear in it.

Crumpler Jimmy Bo 600 Hybrid Photo Bag (seconds / Damaged Stock)  - White/Olive. £9.95 CameraKing/Amazon
Found 15th Dec 2013Found 15th Dec 2013
Seems like a good price for a crumpler camera bag. This one is fairly large, so should fit camera + quite a few accessories. Discolouring due to glue mark, but Brand New


VividStar same price for new one


But a great brand name :)


CameraKing site describes this as new but discolouring due to glue mark...? Seconds...? cold as ice


Ordered - Thanks OP - and HOT!

Tamrac Rally 1 Tablet/Netbook Folio £3.80 delivered @ CameraKing
Found 4th Dec 2013Found 4th Dec 2013
RRP of £40, selling for £19.99 at Park Cameras but only £3.80 delivered from CameraKing. Ordered one a couple of days ago and have just received it. Really nice quality item and p… Read more
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ordered 4 and needed 4 from amazon but the order has just been cancelled by email due to having no stock :-(


Will Surface 2 fit?


See above link to Amazon where it still seems to be on sale.


Coming up as £5.95 for me :-( and sold out on ebay.


confirmed that Amazon price, bought click and collect, ta. same model in beige £54.30!

White Manfrotto Unica V Messenger Bag (+others) £8.95 delivered @ Cameraking
Found 24th Nov 2013Found 24th Nov 2013
Camera King has a number of the white versions of Manfrotto's Stile range of bags at decent prices. I went for the Unica Message bag down from £39.95 to £8.95. The well priced ba… Read more
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Unlucky :(. Mine looked as if it was new. No dirt, still had tags etc. But it did have red marks by the straps, not too fussed about that considering the price and delivery.


Grr... Looks like I got the bum one... Mine looks like it has been kicked around the stock room floor. Dirty grey marks on the panels, the zips grey in places, and the buckle has marks & scratches on it. There are also strange red marks by the straps?


Got my Unica V, great service at camera king, wish it was black but can't complain for quality and price. Best of all it didn't look like a camera bag to most people which is good for me. Thanks again OP.


I received my Unica V and I am very pleased. Great quality bag, loads of space and cant find any marks. Not bad £75 RRP to £9 ! Hope some others got theirs. Very hot deal


Yeah I got an email this morning saying they had the Bella V I ordered but didn't have the Unica V due to a stock error.

Kenko Lens2scope Angled Spotting Scope Adapter for Nikon SLR Lenses £63.05 at Amazon (sold by CameraKing)
Found 9th Nov 2013Found 9th Nov 2013
Canon version also available - see next post for link. If you have a Nikon or Canon DSLR turn your lens into a spotting scope. A 55-300mm lens would become a 5.5x-30x zoom spott… Read more

Or... should I prefer to have this attached to my lens instead of dslr body?


I am not sure why I shoudn't prefer to have a dslr body at the end of the lens instead of that adapter... But please enlighten me...


Looks like a good idea


animal lovers


Why is this going cold so quickly? Please tell us where you can get a better deal.

£145.90 delivered at CameraKing Pocket Wizard Plus II Transceiver (433 MHz) incl. MPCF adapter & PCI cable
Found 11th Aug 2010Found 11th Aug 2010
As Title Utilizing advanced digital technology, four, 16-bit channels are available for selective firing of lights or remote cameras. Images can be captured at up to 12 frames-per… Read more

Meant to add you can also trigger the camera remotely as this distance too.


Handy for placing flashes where the eye cannot see them, i.e. inside this cockpit.


Also for strobists out there a new ebay trigger has appeared on the market in the last few months for Canon cameras with full TTL and HighSpeedSync for just over the hundred quid mark called Pixel Knight, worth having a look at.


its for photographers thought it was some survalience kit lol


yeah what is it ?

Slik PRO 780DX Tripod with 3 Way Panhead - £113.45 delivered @ Camerking
Found 31st Oct 2009Found 31st Oct 2009
Here's one for those of you with serious camera equipment, the rrp is £285..... I already own the 700DX and can vouch for it being an awesome tripod - absolutely rock solid (and av… Read more

SLIK tripods are distributed in the UK by a company called Intro 2020, tel 01628 674411. They are very helpful with tech specs etc. One thing they did mention was that this tripod has a 1 year warranty... the Giottos on the other hand have 5 years warranty.


Voted hot :)


Does the 780DX have incorporated spirit levels? I know the 700DX does have levels and a 4-way head - is the 700DX better? This looks like a good buy but I also like the GIOTTOS MTL9361B with MH5011 head as this is lighter, more versatile and on paper supports roughly the same weight. I would think the SLIK would be far more solid though. Could only find one review on this which is not good although the reviewer does seem a little dramatic: I can't find any closup pics of the head and would appreciate any more specs. Voted hot - thanks!


Great price, great tripod, heavy though, not for trekking up and down hills, that's for sure, but well worth the money. Paid around this price for the 700dx in march this year. :thumbsup: Also camera can be reverse mounted.


Good price - hot from me.