Camlink Universal Charger Kit Save £21 now £5.99 @ Home & Bargain

Camlink Universal Charger Kit Save £21 now £5.99 @ Home & Bargain

Found 29th Dec 2009
Charger and discharger includes C / D Battery adapters and 4 x 1300mah AA Batteries. Plenty in my local Home and Bargain.. £26.99 in Argos!

* Charges 2 or 4 pieces AA,AAA,C or D batteries.

* Also charges 1 or 2 pieces PP3 (9v) battery.

* Includes LED charge indicators.

* Includes 4 x AA 1300 mAh Ni-Mh batteries, 4 x AA to C adaptors and 4 x AA to D adaptors.

* AA 1300 charges in approximately 8 hours.

* Equipped with battery tester and discharger.


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I bought one of these a couple of hours ago, I went looking for the 4xAA charger posted earlier but couldn't find one.
Due to me not reading the box properly, the (admittedly rather poor at 1300Mah) 4xAA batteries included were a pleasant suprise when I opened the box

Heat added.

I lurk a lot but intend to start posting and commenting a lot more. (just one of my many new years resolutions =) Just picked one of these up in HB, 4 free batteries, an absolute bargain I think!
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