Camping Sale at Halfords ( 2 Man Dome Tent was £15 now £7.50, Sleeping Bag was £15 now £7.50 - more in OP)

Camping Sale at Halfords ( 2 Man Dome Tent was £15 now £7.50, Sleeping Bag was £15 now £7.50 - more in OP)

Found 24th Jan 2017
There seems to be quite a few camping reductions at Halfords at the moment.

The 2 man Dome Tent was posted a few days back at £15, so £7.50 is a cracking price!

Other Items in sale:

Aventura 4 Man Tent Pack was £120 NOW £60
Princess Pink Kids Play Tent was £15 NOW £5
Pirate Kids Play Tent was £15 NOW £5
Urban Escape Tahoe Sleeping Bag Blue was £15 NOW £7.502606198-qrmmq

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It's still crap no matter what the price!
OK... not for the serious over snowy mountain and down dewy dale camper.... but for the tiddy kiddy winks
Tent is not the same as I posted but ok for price, sleeping bag aint bad value at 300gsm so 2 season rating
Ok if you have little ones that need a nap if your out for the day in the summer but not good if it rains
Last year's camping sale was much better. 4 man tents we down to £5.
No sale beats knowing someone that works at halfords
Got one, it's ok for garden and kids but defo not camping unless you want wet clothes
stop with the cycling nerdy comments - everyone knows what they are good for and what they are not.

hot prices but as the comments above have informed us, you cannot use them for an everest hike.
Picked up the pirate tent last night, for a fiver it's spot on. Only problem is my 2 year old is determined to get the flag on the top so I may have to cut that off before he breaks the tent
I have had mine for 2 years and it's done a few festivals which it rained alot and it was fine everything stayed dry in it at that price I'm picking another one up tomorrow
Fantastic play tent, don't think I would use it outside unless it was warm and dry but picked one up this morning and it's up in the living room keeping the toddler happy!
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