Camping Shower - £2.99 @ Netto
Camping Shower - £2.99 @ Netto

Camping Shower - £2.99 @ Netto

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Be the envy of your fellow festival goers next weekend at Glastonbury with this handy camping shower!

Available from Netto from Monday June 23rd whilst stocks last

Price: £2.99


how much can it hold?

Cus showering in the middle of a massive field with 200,000 watching you is worth a shower. If you are willing to queue you can use ok showers at festivals. If you are normal you don't need a shower at festivals. If you are an exibishinist [sp?] then you can shower naked in a field with one of these.

Still not bad at all. H added.

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how much can it hold?

I'm not sure, but it appears to be about the size of a carrier bag, so about a bucket full I presume? (i.e. 2-3gallons or 10-15 litres)

wouldnt use one but very cheap voted hot !


I'm not sure, but it appears to be about the size of a carrier bag, so … I'm not sure, but it appears to be about the size of a carrier bag, so about a bucket full I presume? (i.e. 2-3gallons or 10-15 litres)

heat added

Easier than putting holes in a bucket I suppose :whistling:

for comparism ...

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Shower yourself in sunlight this summer

[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Literally, that is! If you're brave enough to set up camp somewhere so remote that showering the conventional way isn't an option, then this little pouch will provide you with the relative luxury of a hot wash, using the suns rays to warm the water.

Simply fill the pouch with water (it takes a generous 20 litres), leave it in a sunny spot and give it three hours to warm. Once it's ready, the solar shower will let you freshen up in comfort. £8.99 at ]Ethical Superstore."[/COLOR]


Do not for one instant believe that these are any more use than a chocolate fireguard! You'd be better off just taking a few bottles of cheap mineral water and pouring that over yourself!

The fact that this has got up to 71 degrees is a travesty, save yourself £3 for a beer!

it's ok RiTSo, i'm not going camping

They are handy in that they give a fair amount of water and a shower hose bit, usually with an inline tap. However, I know from experience that unless you're somewhere with PLENTY of direct sunlight, the water never gets anywhere near warm ....

.... and to be fair if you're somewhere that hot, you probably want a cold shower anyhow. :thumbsup:

My advice, wash yourself in the lake and get near the camp fire.

The consensus on the Download Festival forums was that this is not a good idea for the simple reason that its not very nice to be turning the ground to mud, in the camping site, where you would have to be using this.

Either use the showers provided, or use dry shampoo and babywipes Son came back having done the latter for five days (surprise) and didnt even look grubby!!

I survived download festival without dry shampoo and only wiped my face once with a babywipe, I was filthy and my hair felt like straw xD

I wouldn't consider using this though, don't wanna sleep in a muddy campsite.

Looks abit dodgy lol i wouldnt use one of these

These are great for washing dogs after muddy walks either athome or away.:-D
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