Camping stove - £9.99 @ Home Bargains

Camping stove - £9.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 29th Mar 2017
Been on the hunt for a small stove and wandered into my local Home Bargains and found this.

The case it comes in is a bit flimsy but the stove itself is great, it feels well built and works well.
They have them for sale in B&M by the looks of things too

Pursuit: Gas Camping Stove

Whatever you pursue, we've got the equipment to help you get there. This fantastic Gas Camping Stove will keep your tummy filled with delicious hot food whilst out exploring the world. The handy storage case and the safety locking mechanism make the stove all that more convenient to carry. Includes Piezo Ignition and Enamel Pot Holder.


Pursuit: Gas Camping Stove
Great for travelling (Outdoor use only)
Handy storage case and safety lock
Piezo Ignition and Enamel Pot Holder
7500 BTU Output
Category: Vapour pressure butane
Requires standard butane canister (Not included)
For use with a FIVESTAR MSF-Ia butane gas cartridge
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Google if you aren't in a hurry, was looking at camping stuff this morning and saw one for £7.99 (can't remember where sorry) so worth shopping around if you can. not voting as this seems quite an average price, depending how much of a hurry you are in to buy
I got one from Halfords for £7.99 a couple of months ago.
yeah, i saw that one for £7.99, it has £3 shipping on top via Tesco.

I have used this one and works very well for the price

I got one from Halfords for £7.99 a couple of months ago.

​ok, but it isn't £7.99 now :-(
Be very careful using these type of stoves,they tend to leak after a while at the on/off valve.Seen many a truck drivers cab on fire with these.Be warned and be careful.
Asda used to sell these for less
These were much cheaper in the 1970's

Hope that might be of some help to others looking for one.


Asda used to sell these for less

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