Campingaz 4 man double-skin tent, £24.99 (& £5.95 p&p), on Amazon

Campingaz 4 man double-skin tent, £24.99 (& £5.95 p&p), on Amazon

Found 25th May 2008
I've seen this tent for over a week but didn't post because there are cheaper ones being posted. However I decided to post this, as it just looks to be nicer quality than the ones of similar price and I'd buy it rather than pick up a cheap brand one. The seller is also selling these at the same price on Ebay too. I can't find the HH measurement, have emailed the seller to ask, but I imagine Campingaz would be pretty decent.

Like most of the 4 man dome tents i imagine this would make a very comfortable 2 person tent.

CampingGaz Columba Tent

MRP £39.99

Spacious 4 person tent

Tent with top ventilation, considerable headroom & storage area.

Weight 5.8kg.
250x320x140 high max.
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Seems like a good deal to me, decent brand- I had a tesco tent last year, it fell apart! ha ha
I wish people who vote cold would have to explain why!
seems like a good deal to me for a decent branded tent, better thaan the rubbish someone posted the other day from cybercheckout, hot :thumbsup:
Oh goodness I didn't realise that we couldnt post deals like this, I just Amazon was Amazon, markeplace sellers or not. Sorry!
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