Campingaz Convertible  DOUBLE Quick Bed normally £28 NOW  £7 @ TESCO DIRECT

Campingaz Convertible DOUBLE Quick Bed normally £28 NOW £7 @ TESCO DIRECT

Found 19th Jun 2012
normally £28 everywhere else tesco have it at £7 grab it as soon as possible before they sell out.

Product Details
The Campingaz convertible quickbed is great for camping or accommodating guests at home. The outer covering of this adult sized air bed is blue flock suede and can be wiped clean. This piece of camping equipment is highly versatile - it can be split to form 2 separate single beds or zipped together to make a double bed. It can also be folded and clipped together to make an extra comfortable double-high mattress or sofa.
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Reviews are damming...but funny
read some of those comments myself about the pump.. most pumps have the adaptor on them.including battery
the one i bpught last year one side lasted 10 weekends the other still going strong. i just need another side one to go back to using it as a double and then i have a spare.
Pity the site is throwing a paddy and not allowing collect instore
Cheers, ordered one to collect in store, to use when visiting relatives
Got one . thank you
Rest assured ordered one
Sweet have some heat
I ordered to collect in store no problem ?

Cheers, ordered one to collect in store, to use when visiting relatives

Don't let Brian use it or the farting snoring campers. and take note they are uglier than an Apple!
I have a small 240v pump I bought from either Aldi or Lidl which has adapters and is brill
Little tip when want to deflate it use a vacum cleaner(obviously one with hose attachment )
Looks like it OOS
Hilarious comment by angry missus! LOL
Just ordered two of these for when I go for weekends away with the lads much better than lying in the floor
Out of stock now.
OOS just what ive been looking for too

Reviews are damming...but funny

haha agreed! going to track down all Kate' reviews, I'm sure she has a blog

Just Ordered one thanks - Not out of stock for me.
Back in stock ....great find thanks
Just ordered one too to collect instore

Just what i needed thank you very much!

Ordered two for store collection, tidy darts !
I still managed to order one..
Thanks op back in stock and just ordered one

Want to vote HOT (Mods please Un Expire)
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Yes back in stock, ordered 2. No need to worry about the pump adapter then? I have a pump but wouldnt have the adapter.
Just ordered one, don't know why expired
phew ! got one in nick of time many thanks
oos.i missed again
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Just Checked - Still In Stock

I don't know why people are finding it OOS. Maybe their browser cache?
i got this on the last deal for 7 quid and had no problems at all. didnt have a pump so blew it up by mouth and tbh it took only a couple of minutes for each. well worth the price
Back in stock, website is a bit slow though..
Now £26.96
Haha amazing! Glad I got one before they noticed their own mistake!
they will cancel orders as they have misspriced
£29.96 now lol
Mis price? Oh well. Probably will be cancelled then.
I've just been refunded
They have evetually cancelled my order
Just had a cancelation email
"Dear Mr ......,

Were sorry, but were unable to complete your Tesco Direct order ........ We work hard to make sure we have no problems with our deliveries, but in this case,
we got it wrong. "

You are not wrong about getting this wrong

Edited by: "Bifflexia" 19th Jun 2012
Order Cancelled !!!
Ordered mine at 09.58am this morning.
Had confirmation email, payment taken.

No cancellation email yet!
Says I can collect from store at 1pm tomorrow afternoon.
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