Campingaz Double burner £9.99 @ Amazon

Campingaz Double burner £9.99 @ Amazon

Found 12th Nov 2013
I've just spotted this as one of today's Lightning Deals. it seems a really good price, a search shows it was a few pence cheaper a couple of weeks ago and got 540 degrees so this must be a good price...

Link takes you to the product page, the lightning deal should show up, if not try the link in the first reply.

Deal expires at 7pm.

Product Description
Box Contains
Campingaz Camping Kitchen (stove function only)
User Instructions
Product Description

CampingGaz Camping Kitchen Double Burner Stove

A table-top 2 burner stove with precise power adjustment and extreme stability even for big pots and pans. It can be used on a camping table or free-standing on the floor. Easy storage and carrying around with pan supports stored underneath the cook-top.

Product Features:

Stove function
Power: 1,700 watt + 2,300 watt
Side tables transforms into a windshield
Gas outflflow: 122g/h + 170g/h
Boil time: 5min 20sec (1 litre)
Runtime: 9h 30min on R907 (both burners)
Dimensions: L53.5 x W33.5 x H12cm
Weight: 4.5kg
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good price for item, but check gas requirements before buying. I'm fairly sure it doesnt take the cartridges, and can work out expensive for the bottles - depends on your usage for economy.
does this use cartridges I cant tell?

does this use cartridges I cant tell?

when we were looking over the summer, this model didn't, so we bought a different style Coleman stove.
Needs a regulator for big, lug around bottles, this is for larger planned camping trips, rather than "one pot wonder" cooking, if you'va a gas bbq at home this is a good outdoors addition to your set up or for power out purposes, a larger gas bottle will keep you going for a good while, without knowing the fine points these obviously work under pressurised gas, so a diddy can will do a small single burner (& you can do ok with those) but this is kind of old school classic camping gaz kitchen stove with a slightly jazzed up design, & no toast grill I anticipate, (though those are somewhat rubbish & require patience).
wait for the one with a grill xx
This one does need the larger (more expensive) bottles, but they do offer better value. When we started camping 3 years ago we bought the Campingaz cooker with two burners plus a grill and have not yet used the grill!
Missing essential attachments to connect up to gas.

Missing essential attachments to connect up to gas.

Regulators are £3 or £4 delivered on Ebay

Campingaz is expensive so just get a butane or propane regualtor and use a calor bottle

Pick up a propane regulator, hose and jube clips. Then get on gumtree or ebay and pick up a cheap calor gas bottle. We started camping 3 years ago and got a small can nearly full for £4. Still haven't needed to get a refill. ..
thanks..... Great buy..
Keep in garage till next year... Bargain...

Pick up a propane regulator, hose and jube clips. Then get on gumtree or … Pick up a propane regulator, hose and jube clips. Then get on gumtree or ebay . ..

use the ebay local app

you can win them for a quid but then find sellers can be very funny
Expired now - The lightning deal finished at 7pm. Thanks for the votes
Ive got the one with the grill (tho the grill is useless) really good, I use the large cylinders and used it for camping a few times.
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