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Aoteli P607 Tyres - £31.95 @ CamSkill Performance
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Aoteli P607 Tyres - £31.95 @ CamSkill Performance
I was looking for some mid range tyres for my car, came across these on offer at They get some decent reviews. Seems like a decent deal so I've ordered two.
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There are a number of places you can look for references, however this is not the case Most accidents are caused by idiots who forget they are in charge of a heavy piece of metal on roads with other users that can kill pèople, and act unaware to the fact that those other people even exist on said roads. While speed is a contributing factor and it makes the top ten, I would assume that that figure is again likely (but I do not GUARENTEE ;) ) halved from the reported, since once one driver is speeding, the guy that doesnt look and pulls out, may then not be found at fault. Either that or the driver whom was speeding, is in the majority of people that do a rubbish job of driving. I am not condoning speeding, but lack of "due care and attention" while driving, or sheer lack of ability to drive (either innate ability or through laziness and or distraction), are the main causes of all accidents -People simply dont pay attention, and there are more people lacking in quality of driving than those that actually put some effort in to do it properly. Then again, if you get a rubbish driver whom then speeds, its even worse. As others have already said, of all the components of cars, tyres and brakes should NEVER be skimped on. Obviously, cheap shocks and that could also effect the ability of the car on the limit, so-to-speak, but tyres is much more important for ANY driver, even if they drive "Miss Daisy". I would be interested to find out statistics on what tyres people were using vs accidents, especially for the "too fast for the conditions" catagory, where people have not been speeding, but still punted it. People always assume speeding is the main issue, but its just easier to witness and demonify, it is undoubtably AN issue, but cars have improved substantially since stopping distances etc were measured with a Ford Anglia FFS, yet the statistics, limits or laws have changed litte, despite speed limits being reduced all over, and obviously the extreme levels of enforcement compared to yester-year. Truth is, there is NO speed limit that would function for all conditions, it is a catch-all definitive limit thats almost arbiterially chosen for MOST roads. It is GUIDENCE, since the safe speed LIMIT (from a safety perspective) changes every day; n some, its far less than the LEGAL limit, and on others, and on some roads, its higher - but then one risks prosecution. Better education would be a better bet, for actually reducing numbers and severity of accidents, as would be pulling people for poor driving or attention, as opposed to sitting there waiting on tax payers money for someone to break the 10% +-2mph rule, and having targets to boot. What is safe or unsafe, is less important than hitting targets, apparently. The main reason deaths have reduced, is the cars and safety systems themselves, rather than people driving them - I would suggest as the leading cause of ALL accidents (the human factor :D ), could do with a bit of much needed attention. Rant over, just fed up with reading every post on tyres or whatever else for people to blame everything on speeding - do you think they have actually driven every road and made a statistical analysis of the SAFE spped for that road? Or is it more likely that they have reduced it either BECAUSE of accidents, or more often, because they can or because they want to stick a camera on it?


Not a great deal at all. I bought one that looks like this from my local market for £10. Cold.


Absolutely agree, which is why I said “generally”. I guarantee though that the vast majority of accidents are caused by excessive speed. If we all were a little more cautious, the number of road deaths would be reduced dramatically.


You can never mitigate for morons on the road though, I'd rather be able to stop as quick as possible.


True, stick to Michelin Pilot Sports and not Accelera, Tigar, BCT or some dangerous budget muck if you want to explore the grip limits of your car safely 8)

Uniroyal RainSport 3 Tyres - 255/35 R19 - £99.30 @ CamSkill Performance
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Refreshed 31st MarRefreshed 31st Mar
Uniroyal RainSport 3 Tyres - 255/35 R19 - £99.30 @ CamSkill Performance
The Uniroyal RainSport 3 is an asymmetric tyre that has been designed with Uniroyal's 'Shark Skin Technology' to greatly enhance the tyre's performance in wet conditions. Very … Read more

I’m not the greatest with my tyre knowledge - I know they’re best for wet weather but anyone know what they will be like for this summer? I only drive 10k per year max!


brilliant tyres, had the rainsport 2s twice and now rainsport 3's and all have been superb in the wet, and seeing as it's always wet in this country you want decent tyres for that very use


Good post OP, not enough posts for the less endowed men. ;)


Staggered tyre sizes are very common, so this is not possible for all.


I get 8k out of a front set

Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 - 225 40 R18 92Y X, Buy 2+ for Love2shop Giftcard £10 per tyre - £59.35 + P&P from £6.98 @ CamSkill
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Posted 3rd Aug 2018Posted 3rd Aug 2018
Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 - 225 40 R18 92Y X, Buy 2+ for Love2shop Giftcard £10 per tyre - £59.35 + P&P from £6.98 @ CamSkill
£59.35… Read more
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Got my local tyre place to match this deal,got 2 fitted for £140 which probably worked out cheaper......and saved me having to transport the tyres.


The top up has come in.


Anyone had there love2shop card credited yet? Although iirc terms said end of sept.


Cool thanks, I'll check behind the sticker when I get back!


Between the film and the tyre and stuck with the tyre sticker (y) .

Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 - 225/40 R18 92Y XL - @ Camskill £60.05 +£6.90 delivery for 1 tyre, £7.90 for 2
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Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018
Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 - 225/40 R18 92Y XL - @ Camskill £60.05 +£6.90 delivery for 1 tyre, £7.90 for 2
Bargain for these well reviewed tyres in a bigger size. Delivery £6.90 for 1, £7.90 for 2.

Good prices for the tyres but horrible company. Orders 2 tyres 225/45/17 and one tyre 185/60/15 and after almost 3 week's now I received the 2 tyres 225 but they seem to forgot about the other tyre. Multiple phone calls with no result .... Anyone else had problems with Camskill ?



Yeah potholes are worryingly large now where I live, summer won't be fun on the bike.


Mental, same size as my car, rear alloys taking a doing with these potholes!


That's because Pzero are TERRIBLE!

Kumho KH11 Ecsta - (215/55 R18) £13.60 + £6.90 p+p - £20.50 @ Camskill
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Posted 8th Feb 2018Posted 8th Feb 2018
Kumho KH11 Ecsta - (215/55 R18) £13.60 + £6.90 p+p - £20.50 @ Camskill
Bargain price in this size. Suited to SUV. / 4x4 .

And I'll say one more thing too before I get off my soap box. The vast majority of people have no problem fitting different tyres with different tread patterns, grip levels and tread depths to every corner of their car. Yes it's legal to do it. Is it safe? Absolutely not. I've seen many people driving with 4 totally different tyres fitted, each with their own handling characteristics. Many people also don't know their tyres are illegal and very dangerous until MOT time either. Running with bald tyres, punctures, side wall damage, even cords showing through from uneven tyre wear. That's not to mention that virtually no one inspects their tyres for defects, ever! Now top this off with many other people who rarely or never check their tyres pressures, by dodgy part worns/cheap Chinese knock offs, and you'll find a lot more problems and accidents caused by one or a number of these factors, than a slight modification to tyre width. Just saying (y)


First of all, I said nothing of changing speed or load index. Secondly, why are we talking about grip levels for snow on a set of summer tyres? If you want winter tyres, you buy winter tyres. It's not like most people in the UK have to be concerned about snow driving, and if they are, get some winter tyres, or even winter wheels and tyres. Now, snow aside, and regarding the summer tyres which we're referring too. In almost every instance, you will increase grip with the width of the tyre. The reason high powered cars always have wider tyres than their lower powered counterparts, is for grip. Now, you will see more grip on wider tyres regardless of power, the question is, do you need the extra grip? I once tuned a Volvo 850 T5 for fast road use. Unfortunately, despite increasing the wheel size from 16 to 17 inch, as well as uprating the tyre quality, we still couldn't get enough grip for our satisfaction without further modifications to the suspension and handling - it was terrifying! We eventually managed to go wider on the tyres which made a real difference to grip, especially in the wet! Even 10mm can make a difference, as that equates to 40mm more rubber on the road. Like I said, there is a trade-off to this. Steering response and the overall handling will be less responsive to turn-in, but you can always add or remove pressure from the tyres to adjust. Remember we are talking 10mm in this instance, so it's not going to be a huge increase in grip for the average car, or a huge decrease in steering response, but that's pretty much how it works. If you look at F1 cars just for a basic understanding of the principle, they've actually gone for wider tyres since last year to give more grip, and therefore more cornering speed in both wet and dry conditions. As for insurance, you've got to use a little common sense. If you're adding performance modifications to the car, or altering it's appearance or value, then of course you have to notify them. And if you have done something dangerous to a car, you shouldn't even be driving it on a road in the first place. But by all means, tell your insurance company first. If they say no then fine. Or don't do it at all. I never said anyone should do anything. I just put it out there for people to know they can should they wish to.


You should notify your insurance company of any changes from manufacturer spec. This is particularly important with speed and load rating. Whether they care or not is a different question. Wider tyres do offer less grip in snow / heavy rain hence most people running narrower winters then summers. Also why rally cars run such narrow tyres for mud and snow courses. My rwd 944 was awesome in snow, but then I ran 205 60 16 winters. The speedo will change with the width and the profile (height). There are multiple calculators out there to tell you by how much. It won't be much going from 205 to 215 probably about 1mph at 70, however that not much might mean the difference between you setting off a camera and you not doing. This is more to do with making sure the advice given is accurate, rather than exactly what effect the suggested changes will make.


I fell asleep listening to your rant


Not the correct price - removed from sale pending £68 correction (horror) Asda Tyres / Blackcircles / TyreShopper and even (online) National Tyres are ALL cheaper for me (cheeky) Always best to shop go through Quidco / TopCashBack where (hopefully) you'll get tracked for a 2% cashback too !

Nokian WRD3 Nokian WR D3 - 225/45 R17 94H XL TL - £51.95/pc @ CAMSKILL
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Posted 14th Sep 2017Posted 14th Sep 2017
Nokian WRD3 Nokian WR D3 - 225/45 R17 94H XL TL - £51.95/pc @ CAMSKILL
I was looking for winter tyres, and found this. It fits many of the novadays' cars, and has good ratings and reviews. XL has stronger cords.… Read more
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After few weeks of riding those 2014 tyres i must say - good value for money


got those tyres. year 2014, week 27.


Sorry no advice on that but Nokians all seasons are great too


Got the tyres, happy with the service and the delivery as well.


They have been very well respected on car forums for a number of years. I've used them once myself. They are fine.

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Uniroyal RainSport3 Rain Sport 3 - 225/50 R17 98Y XL FR TL £79.70 (£6.98 delivery for 1- 2 tyres)  @ CAMSKILL
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Posted 18th May 2017Posted 18th May 2017
Uniroyal RainSport3 Rain Sport 3 - 225/50 R17 98Y XL FR TL £79.70 (£6.98 delivery for 1- 2 tyres) @ CAMSKILL
Really good tyre and this is a really good price for this size and fitment, it also has the RIM Protection. Please don't say they are cheaper elsewhere and then say its for a diff… Read more

anyone know any good deals for 18s


Got these 5 months ago for my e90 330i and they are fantastic as an all round tyre. Wear level is also good but maybe a bit to early to score but on the wet as mentioned they are great.


best tyres out there


Brilliant tyres, have them on my three cars and also put them on my dads car. Wear rate is higher than average but you'll not get excellent wet grip and excellent hard wearing in one tyre, it's a trade-off. If you just pootle around you'll never know how good these tyres are in damp conditions. Driving with a bit of spirit in the wet or dry they are predictable at their limits and gently drift. Sidewalls are quite soft so take some getting used to if you're changing from a stiffer tyre. In my experience run them at 2-3 PSI above your normal pressures to minimise sidewall flex. If you always rag your tyres in the dry you will scrub the shoulders off the tread rather quickly.


Great wet grip, but do be aware that they wear out quickly, so £ for mile they aren't great value unless you get them cheap.

EXPIRED Kleber car tyre 205 50 R17 £20.03 delivered from camskill
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
EXPIRED Kleber car tyre 205 50 R17 £20.03 delivered from camskill
Only available at this price for tyre size 205 50 R17. £13.05 per tyre. £6.98 delivery. I was looking for a 16'' tyre but came across this by accident. Thought it might help someon… Read more

​Not sure about how to check tyre production date. I think it's on the sidewall. Regarding your desired tyre size, I'd recommend searching for them on blackcircles. It all depends on what type and brand of tyre you want to go for ie summer or winter tyres, budget or brand manufacturer. I searched blackcircles using your tyre size, the toyo proxes cf2 is £42 per tyre fully fitted on their website. Or for an extra £7 per tyre you can have the Good Year Efficient Grip tyre. Both get excellent reviews. I have the good years on the front of my car and they're performing well. I've just ordered two of the toyos for the rear. You can get tyres delivered from blackcircles without paying for fitting but then you'll have to pay around £12 for delivery and £10 fitting per tyre so I find its cheaper to pay for fitting. Just select your nearest fitting centre when you order them online and pick a date for fitting. Price includes balancing, valve and disposal of your old tyre.


I look for 195 65 r15 anyone. Although voted hot as price looks good whatever the quality. Can someone remind how to check tire production date, is it directly on tire?

Uniroyal rainsport 3 extra load 225 45 17 £52.85 @ CamSkill
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Posted 3rd Oct 2016Posted 3rd Oct 2016
Uniroyal rainsport 3 extra load 225 45 17 £52.85 @ CamSkill
found these on camskill and ordered 4 they have good reviews. these are the extra loads but the normal load are cheaper. 52.85 plus shipping cheapest I've seen at the moment. cams… Read more

mine arrived yesterday and fitted too. can really test them out until It rains but that shouldn't take long ;) but I found that the side wall was quite soft, softer than i expected on xl.


good tyres, i rate them


Had them for 4 years amazing tyres


If the noise wasn't there when you first had them fitted it could be the tyres. After some tyre wear mine always sounded like a bearing was going, even mechanics were fooled, but as soon as tyres were changed the noise would go for a while until they had a certain amount of wear again.


If you have a Vectra then yes. I did it a few years ago as the 215/50 were £149 each. Note it will lower the car slightly and because you've altered the diameter of the tyre the speed you're actually driving at compared to what it says on the speedometer will also change. Your odometer (mileage) will also be different. I had Rainsport 2 and they stuck like glue, car felt much safer. Sounds obvious but you MUST change all four.

Bridgestone Turanza T001 225/40/18 92Y XL TL Tyres @ £47.65 + £6.98 del each at Camskill
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Posted 25th Aug 2016Posted 25th Aug 2016
Bridgestone Turanza T001 225/40/18 92Y XL TL Tyres @ £47.65 + £6.98 del each at Camskill
This is possibly the lowest price for a Premium tyre for 225/40/18 profile tyres! I have looked around and cannot see them at this price. Its much cheaper than some of their budge… Read more

I do 20 miles each way on my commute and not shy in opening it up to get up to speed quickly when joining roads etc, still end up with 33-35mpg on fairly uncluttered roads - better than I was hoping for, and much closer to the published figures (% wise) than my GTD ever was. I averaged 48mpg in my GTD.


must admit the jurys still out on the pedal box but the tuning box is great, i bought the tdi for the mpg but regretting a little now, miss the rev range of a petrol and also the dsg but even with these tyres your not keen on the handling is really really good, maybe a gti next time, the r's just a bit daft at 40+ miles commute per day


I had a DTUK box on my GTD, up to 240ps/500Nm - made a huge difference, but my GTD tramped before I even had the box.Never seen the point of the pedal box, puts the throttle on a hair trigger, but once it's half pressed there's nothing beyond. Driving the R is a completely different driving experience - after 7 VW TDIs from new, having to really rev the engine to get the most out of it rather than relying on a big wedge of torque at 2k revs, The R becomes a beast above 5k revs, but if you keep it under 4k revs, it's no quicker than a GTD being driven hard.


its a mk7 150 tdi with a dtuk box and pedal box, certainly makes it a bit more spirited, its nothing special compared to whats out there these days but it can surprise a few nonetheless


You don't get tramping running a 200hp TDI on Bridgestones? is that a MK4 1.9TDI150, MK5 2.0TDI 150PD? if you had the 170/184ps engine you'd be pushing up to 240ps on a remap or decent box.

Uniroyal Rainsport 3 225/40 R18 92Y XL  £50.95 (+ £6.98 delivery charge - same for 2 tyres)  Camskill
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Posted 29th Feb 2016Posted 29th Feb 2016
Uniroyal Rainsport 3 225/40 R18 92Y XL £50.95 (+ £6.98 delivery charge - same for 2 tyres) Camskill
Never seen such a low price for this tyre...

I need some new tyres, how have these held up for buyers as I might get them.


120 reviews covering 666k+ miles...


I listed those ones because they were 'A' rated in the wet, i know its not an exact science, but they seemed reasonable for the price.


i read these wear quite quickly. anyone who's had these before care to chime in on this?


I've purchased 2 sets from Camskill website in the past. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Delivered next working day on my orders, packaged well in lots of stretch wrap. These are a real bargain IMHO.

Uniroyal RainSport 3 255/35/19 £94.38 delivered @ Camskills
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Posted 21st Jan 2016Posted 21st Jan 2016
Uniroyal RainSport 3 255/35/19 £94.38 delivered @ Camskills
Best price I have ever seen for these in this size. Usually retail around the £112 mark. These are OEM sized for Audi/BMW/Jaguar with the 19 inch alloys. I needed 3 so hopefully… Read more

Thanks for this OP. So glad I stumbled across this HUKD tread, I was getting so tyred of looking around for a decent deal, I was going spare. This is wheelie good. FYI my name is Jack. But my friends call me Mudflap. No idea why.


Bmw much?


closest deal to mine I have found - I need two sizes as the back is wider - I can not find anything less than £100 (branded) 245/45r19 98y and 275/40r19 101y I will never buy a car with this again!


£87 at


Thanks bought two, worked out costing £90 each.

Uniroyal RainSport3 Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 - 225/45 R17 91Y FR TL £47.85 @ CAMSKILL
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Posted 19th Jan 2016Posted 19th Jan 2016
Uniroyal RainSport3 Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 - 225/45 R17 91Y FR TL £47.85 @ CAMSKILL
Great price for Uniroyal Rain Sport 3, got great reviews online on different websites. Price is without p&p which depends on number of tyres you buy, i.e £6.98 p&p if buy… Read more

Im after some 225/50/17 tyres for my Audi - Anyone know if these would fit?


terrific tyres. recommended wholeheartedly.


If only 155R13 were this price


If only 225/35/19 was this price :(


Agree, its a great price :)

Uniroyal RainSport3 Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 - 225/40 R18 92Y XL FR T £60.18 delivered @ Camskill -
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Posted 18th Jan 2016Posted 18th Jan 2016
Uniroyal RainSport3 Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 - 225/40 R18 92Y XL FR T £60.18 delivered @ Camskill -
£53.20 + postage. appear to get great reviews : PRODUCT MODEL (Fuel Eff.: C Wet Grip: A NoiseClass: 2 Noise: 72dB) Description 225/40R18 92Y XL FR TL Uniroyal RainSport 3 Width … Read more

pneus online for tyres and are cheaper than tyreleader who now charge £4.50 per tyre delivered


These are the ones that I have and are very long lasting for not much more


Mine were delivered today :)


Don't do a 245/40/20 in these. shame, I have them in 235/40/19 on the people carrier and they are awsome in the rain.


I've had great wear from them, I use winter tyres too but do 20-30k a year in a rear wheel 2.5l german coupe and drive a mixture of styles traffic and road dependant (ie not like Nun when no traffic) I took the wheels off mid November this year after their 2nd season, fronts still have approx 3-4mm and rears 2.6-3mm I'll be sticking then on eBay shortly with a buy 2 (fronts) get 2free (rears) deal on them So approx 12-15k a year, not bad in my opinion and I've fitted to 3 family cars but as mentioned I'd chose some thing else again for one as I noticed only when delivered that one of the sizes 13 or 14" I think only had b or c wet stopping rating

Uniroyal rain expert 3 tyres £31.35 + 6.95 p&p @ camskill
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Posted 4th Jan 2016Posted 4th Jan 2016
Uniroyal rain expert 3 tyres £31.35 + 6.95 p&p @ camskill
Uniroyal rain expert tyres 185/65/15 £31.35 + 6.95 p&p. Seems a good price to me as I need a couple of tyres and don't want naff ones so any advice would be appreciated. (Fue… Read more
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I pay £10 per tyre fitted, balanced & old tyre disposed of


how much do you guys pay for fitting ?


Cheers I'm up to two cars so far a Golf MK6 and a Mitsubishi FTO, the FTO cost me £800 and I've spent about £2k on it lol. It's not awesome fast but for £800 it was the fastest thing I could find at the time. The fastest car I've ever been in is a Ferrari 360 with Pirelli P Zero tyres (see I'm keeping on topic : ) and to be honest that scared the crap out of me. An Atom would give me a heart attack I think!


Hi Fishmaster's an S3...only about 3 S4's were ever made a good friend of mine Jane owned one for a while she sold it and kept her S3 and another S3 owner Richard owned an Atom for a while but again sold it (it frightened him too much :) and kept his S3) The S4 and particularly the Atom both out perform an S3 but the 0-60 time of 5 secs for my 19 year old s3 is plenty quick enough for me :) I uploaded a clip from our 2014 Eurotrip to youtube where we came across some atoms....the aforementioned Jane is on clip in blue S3 and Richard in his blue with white stripe S3 K40 ...misty beginning is Richards cam...stay tuned for clearer bit from mine is the clip Sorry to op for this reply off subject but had to answer question.....heat given Tyres are ace.


You phone up your local garage or tyre fitter and ask for a quote to fit customer supplied tyres. If they want the job they will quote you £15 or so per tyre, if they don't they will most likely not refuse but quote you £25 or more. So you then phone the next fitter, of your list of dozens locally, until you find the price you like and you get your tyres fitted. The only people who might really not want the work are dodgy garages who are too busy ripping off customers doing repairs and MOTs at ramped up prices to piffle about doing bread and butter work like fitting tyres.

Accelera Tyres / Car / Accelera Phi - 235/40 R19 96Y XL TL £46.95 @ Camskill
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Posted 17th Nov 2015Posted 17th Nov 2015
Accelera Tyres / Car / Accelera Phi - 235/40 R19 96Y XL TL £46.95 @ Camskill
I've used these tyres for 5 years on my 159TI and for the price they are incredibly good. I paid £75 a though that was vfm ! Have heard reports they aren't as compliant on other s… Read more

Yeah you get the usual drama queens who can't drive properly and immediately blame the tyres. I've FIVE years and 35,0000 miles driving on these tyres in the Dales, Lake District and Northern England in ALL weathers. They are no different to the £250 a tyre continentals that came with the car, just quarter the cost. Sometimes you need to see through the hype...


Don't worry about these reviews. Seen the same for even the most expensive tyres and in any case you wouldn't expect all the happy customers to post. If you can get your hands on any proper tests, under the same controlled conditions then by all means choose the tyre that you think is best for you, but otherwise just ignore everything else.


​+1 for the vreddyz...fantastic alternatives to the big name brands.


Some reviews: Im not saying there arent also good reviews but the theme across most of the reviews is wet conditions plus Accelera tyres = danger!


Achieving A rating for wet is outstanding, still they are not £250 so must be dire.

*up to £60 love2shop voucher when you buy 4 uniroyal tyres @ camskill
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Posted 1st Jul 2015Posted 1st Jul 2015
*up to £60 love2shop voucher when you buy 4 uniroyal tyres @ camskill
Order 4 Uniroyal tyres Up to and including 16" size and receive £20 Order 4 Uniroyal tyres 17" & 18"" size and receive £40 Order 4 Uniroyal tyres 19"+ size and receive £60 A… Read more
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You can ask them to price match too


Bl**** good tyres too :D


great offer! was just about to order 4 235/40/19 rainsport 3 from for £468.76 but from here they are £496.16 with £60 voucher makes it £436.16 delivered! brill price. Now to find the cheapest local fitter.


[image missing]

goodyear f1 225 40 18 £75.90  @ Camskill
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Posted 27th Jun 2015Posted 27th Jun 2015
goodyear f1 225 40 18 £75.90 @ Camskill
goodyear f1 225 40 18, € 75.90 delivered free, amazing tyre, one of the best grip tyre out there Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Fab fab tyre!!


Just put 4 of these on an Audi A4 estate, slightly wider but same profile and rim. Feel really good and fuel economy increased by 5 to 10 %. Replaced Pilot Sport 3's which wore out fair to quickly in my opinion for mainly motorway driving.


£74.29 on tyreleader


I bought mine from Tyreleader, for £79 each, I concurr with your findings too.


Goodyear are about to close the UK factory to move elsewhere so I won't be supporting the brand.

Auto Glym HD Wax @ £26.95 delivered from Camskill
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Posted 4th Jun 2015Posted 4th Jun 2015
Auto Glym HD Wax @ £26.95 delivered from Camskill
Usually around £35-£40, cheapest I have seen it on amazon is £30! Great wax, very durable and produces a good shine.
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meguires next gen Is better.


OOS :(


Super resin is a polish and offers little protection. This is a wax to be used after polishing :D


How does this compare with AG super resin?


I'll give it a quick rub for ya!

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 - 225/40 R18 92Y XL £75.40 @ Camskill
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Posted 29th Mar 2015Posted 29th Mar 2015
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 - 225/40 R18 92Y XL £75.40 @ Camskill
Delivery is £5.98 for England.
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These are very good tyres!!


Some tyres just dont suit certain cars, strange but true.


may be just me or the car ? 250bhp on a front wheel drive car is a bit much for them i think maybe ok on a rwd car


I am on my third set now and for the price point they offer the best all round performance.


your the first person iv heard, that has negative opinion on these tyres