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Canary All-in-One Security Camera FREE with Year Subscription £79
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Canary All-in-One Security Camera FREE with Year Subscription £79

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Looks a good deal but really don’t know what I would do with it.
What are the specs of the camera? How is it powered?
That review is for the wrong product. It's powered by a USB type cable, so you do need a plug, also this offer is only for black, white not available.
Good deal, the main complaint with the device is it seems to become pretty basic when the membership runs out and then your looking at monthly/yearly fee
It looks like they originally gave all features for free, but then started to charge for some basic hardware features. By al accounts its pretty useless without the premuim membership.
I had one of these and they are great.. and then they started charging for membership, you had all you needed before they got greedy now u only get little snippet videos unless you it membership, tech wise it’s good but for the money and membership there’s better!
£79 then after the year is up is how they get you
horrible company, purchased one and they withdrew there cloud option, tried to charge 120 for it after i paid 130 for it . they then try and contact me and offer it for 80 quid now.
Rubbish. Just google canary standby and you will understand the limitations. Cold
Worst company and bunch of con artists ever and funny enough wants you to trust them with your security.
iknowwhere2look6 h, 58 m ago

£79 then after the year is up is how they get you

True with current prices. But as other posters have said, I wouldn’t trust them. This is the company that sold devices like this with free cloud. Then started charging those customers for almost all the services they’d previously had for free. There is no guarantee that it will be £79 at the end of the deal. No guarantee that the service will even last the year with out additional fees.


There are better alternatives. I use Blink now, but if I was buying today from scratch I’d be tempted by Neos Smartcam.
I've had mine for couple of years and was really annoyed when they changed the pricing started charging for the features I paid for.. Anyway it's OK.. App does lock up sometimes and it can go offline on occasion.. App let's u know when off and on..
I have three and they work great, these offers come up every so often. If you buy another years subscription and get the device free, you can sell the device on eBay effectively getting the membership for free.
Sold mine as it became useless, they limited everything for the camera unless you buy a membership.
UnseenPrawn18 h, 6 m ago

Rubbish. Just google canary standby and you will understand the …Rubbish. Just google canary standby and you will understand the limitations. Cold

Cold, but only by looking at the reviews. Without the on going membership requirement this would definitely be hot
I got this deal. It’s a ok bit of kit (bit big, glows white and red in the dark, not not subtle at all), but it’s a subscription based service so when the free membership runs out, it’s very basic. The canary flex (it’s outdoor camera) is fantastic bit of kit, but not under offer... however constrained busy the same subscription based limitations when membership runs out. Overal cold.
I bought one, then had a think If I buy another one for the kitchen I get next years subscription and coverage of the house.
Quite funny when the other half carried the naughty cat downstairs the other night, go a good video of her topless :), she was NOT impressed.
So I was reading the T&Cs. Could you not buy this and within 14 days cancel the annual membership or return the membership card and get a refund on it. And keep the camera?
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