Cancel O2 Contract Now Penalty Free (hurry!)
Cancel O2 Contract Now Penalty Free (hurry!)

Cancel O2 Contract Now Penalty Free (hurry!)


If anyone has a O2 contract, you can cancel now penalty free. This is what you must do:

Write a simple letter to their disconnections department (USE ROYAL MAIL RECORDED DELIVERY)

Write in your letter that because O2 has changed your terms and conditions using charging for ringing 07744 & 07755 numbers that this put`s you at a disadvantage under clause 8.4 c of your terms.

At the moment O2 let you ring 07744 & 07755 numbers out of your free x minutes, but from the 1st July they will charge you 25p a minute.

This is your get out of contract free.

Hurry and get the letter in the post.


Yeah... but most of us here are cashbackers :lol:

Welcome to HUKD tdogg :wink:

Shouldn't this be in misc?

Still, very interesting and a good post. Means another new phone on another contract and more cashback for taking up the contract!

But I'm on a cashback contract. If i cancel, I probably forfeit cashback in some way or other...

What are these numbers 07744 & 07755?


What are these numbers 07744 & 07755?

I think these are numbers which allow you to ring internationally but at the price of a mobile call.

I heard this only works if you have made calls to 07744 & 07755 before.


Yeah... but most of us here are cashbackers :lol:Welcome to HUKD tdogg … Yeah... but most of us here are cashbackers :lol:Welcome to HUKD tdogg :wink:

Yeah edi, but if anyone's just a month or two in then they'll probably benefit from cancelling now instead of going with the cashback.

Why is this an urgent thing - I wouldn't mind moving over to Virgin, but I'd have to get my number ported first... Is there any discussion about this elsewhere - success stories etc..?

I want to finish my O2 contract early, do you know what clause 8.4c is by any chance?

EDIT: Just found it i think:-

8.4 You may end this Agreement by giving us written notice if:
(a) we break this Agreement in any way and we do not correct the situation within 7 days of your request;
(b) we go into liquidation or a Receiver is appointed over our assets; or
(c) we increase Charges for your Inclusive Calls or your monthly line rental charge or change this Agreement to your significant disadvantage, provided you give us a minimum of 30 days written notice (and provided you notify us within one month of our telling you about the changes). This does not apply where the increase or change relates solely to Additional Services in which case you may cancel, or stop using, that Additional Service.
In the situations described in 8.4 above paragraph 8.3 will not apply.

So i suppose we have 30 days from when they told us about the change (1st July) which is why we should hurry...


I heard this only works if you have made calls to 07744 & 07755 before.

Where did you hear that?

Welcome to HUKD saint_david!! :thumbsup:


Welcome to HUKD saint_david!! :thumbsup:

Hi! Thanks for the welcome, i found this site last night and i think its brilliant :thumbsup: Just bought my first house and moving in shortly so i think its going to be worth its weight in gold. Signed up for quidco too, not sure how it works yet but hopefully i'll get the jist of it all and save a few pennies on the way


I was wondering if o2 can request my phone back if I use this clause to cancel my contract?


What are these numbers 07744 & 07755?

These are numbers to call internationally. I call Egypt all the time for free using my monthly minutes allowance (normally costs 10p/min).

So - what's a good sim only deal to go for? I'd LIKE to get an Orange one - purely because their network frequency doesn't make my computer speakers go crazy... But I'm happy with anything really, so long as I can port my number.

The o2 PAY-G "genie" SIM cards have always been good if you think you'll usie enough minutes/texts. :thumbsup:

Does anyone know if this 'cancellation' would work if your service provider is O2 but you took out your contract through CarPhoneWarehouse and they're the ones who bill you etc?

I'm with the CPW and the clause is there but it's 11.5.3.

great find, one question can they have or do you they the phone back?
i a 10 months into a 18 month contract after moving from orange and i want to move back...

They don't take the handset back if you cancel on this clause (according to 11.6 in the CPW terms).

most contracts explicitly state 'the handset is not part of the contract' (orange definately does, it devotes an entire section to just that single line) so i presume they all employ the same policy. check though dudes

p.s. this must be the most well recieved first post in history of hukd !! its temperature is off the scale !

So does anyone know if it is just O2 that are now going to charge for calls to those numbers or are Vodafone doing the same thing?

Original Poster

Hi, thanks for the welcome, looks like my first post gauged a bit of interest!.
Basically you get to keep your handset. Can still be good for cashbackers depending if you have just had a cashback or not. I got out of two '3' contracts when they did a simular thing, i only had them for 6 weeks, had received £125 cashback each already and had 2 new phones!, not bad for £30 which was the two contracts first months line rental.

Has anyone tried this with Dial-A-Phone, have just taken out & contract & would like to know if this can be achieved also with D-A-P, also any ideas if they would want the handset back as part of the contract.

Great post. Am about 7mths into my 18mth contract and altho can't complain too much, wot with this glut of cashback offers coming through now, i think i will cancel. 1 q tho - Will they issue me with a PAC code automatically or will i have to request 1 separately or in the cancellation letter? Certainly don't want to lose my number. I'm tempted to ring 02 up and challenge them on this clause and find out exactly how long and how quickly they can deal with this sort of cancellation of a contract. Don't want to be offline for too long with this number.


The o2 PAY-G "genie" SIM cards have always been good if you think you'll … The o2 PAY-G "genie" SIM cards have always been good if you think you'll usie enough minutes/texts. :thumbsup:

Got lots of them and the 'facilities' (like checking how many texts left etc) are much better for PAYG than for contract. The question is can you port your existing O2 number across to the Genie SIM? I believe O2 (and others) are not willing to port numbers internally but a work around is to port it to a n other sim then onto your provider. But can you port to a genie SIM?

where do i have to send the letter, I cant find an address anywhere.


where do i have to send the letter, I cant find an address anywhere.

The registered office seems to be

260 Bath Road

where do i send the letter, I have looked on the site, but cannot find an address to post the letter to????

thanks, sorry for the double post

I found a cancellation address of :
PO Box 242
Houghton Regis

It's true:


6. The address that you need to write to if you want to cancel your agreement with us has changed to: : O2 UK, PO Box 242, Houghton Regis, LU5 5WA

I'm with O2 online, will this work with me? I haven't made any calls to those numbers sadly, I'm about six months in and wouldn't mind cancelling the contract and starting another back up...


mikewot, don't you mean 1st July

I ordered 2 phones on O2 from e2save invoice dated 27th June, if they have just put the price up on the 1st July I should be able to cancel under 8.5.3

not really, I think they announced the price rises in late May


mikewot, don't you mean 1st July

I had a brainfart! Heavy day at work. Deleted my post now and I shall be writing to e2save

Realised as well that I don't need to worry about porting my number, I'll just choose a catchy one from the Genie Sims I've got and tell everyone the new number :-D Such a good PAYG deal on the genie!


I bought the phone with carphone warehouse, can somebody help me with their address.

I also have another line which is on the plan o2 leisure, can i cancel if i am in this tarriff.



i can still use free minutes to call 07744

and for those who want to make internation calls you can continue to make free calls from O2 call 08703390202 mon-fri 8am 6pm and all other times 08444970202.
Hope this was helpful for those who have Home 100 Bolt-on
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