Canderel Spoonful (75g) half price £1.01 @ Morrisions
Canderel Spoonful (75g) half price £1.01 @ Morrisions

Canderel Spoonful (75g) half price £1.01 @ Morrisions

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Canderel Spoonful Granulated Sweetener (75g) - Half Price £1.01

£2.02 in all the other major supermarkets,


look at the ingredients and look them up on the internet. VERY BAD FOR YOU

The alternative (ie. sugar), is also bad for you.

Numerous studies on sugar have shown that it is terrible. With regards to Aspartame (and similar sweeteners), the studies are not conclusive.

Personally, I would rather have a sweetener than sugar.
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Suck it up then.

It was banned for eight years in America before it was even approved for use! LOL

"The first survey of gender specific health studies on the 37,000 women who served in the Gulf War (1991) showed no difference between the health problems of female Gulf War Veterans deployed (positioned, ready for combat) and those not.

Two years later, there were significant differences in reports of breast cysts and lumps-4.9 non-deployed to 10.4 for the deployed women (Gulf War Net Denmark).

There were also differences in headaches, lung problems, abnormal pap smears or cervical exams and increased risk for uterine polyps.(Dr. Penny Pierce, Professor of Nursing, University of Michigan.)

Not coincidentally, G. D. Searle's two-year rat study on the toxicity of DKP had a high incidence of uterine polyps.

"Other sporadic findings" was used to characterize the incidence of uterine polyps to the FDA in spite of the fact that Searle had done a statistical analysis of these findings. (Bressler Report)

Former FDA Senior Scientist, Jacqueline Verrett, who testified at a 1987 hearing on Aspartame Safety, spoke to Gregg Gordon of the UPI. "This (DKP) is the famous study with the (12) uterine polyps... they disregarded them as being insignificant-you know, uterine polyps were not pre-carcinogenic. Well, I can rustle up 15 million women by this afternoon who will disagree with that."

Many women veterans of the Gulf War left the service because of illness. The late Dr. Adrian Gross, the FDA toxicologist knew the medical disaster aspartame would bring. Dr. Gross knew his poisons.

Gulf War Syndrome is aspartame poisoning. Approximately 45,000 to 100,000 of 697,000 Americans who served in the Gulf War, Desert Storm are suffering from aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet) poisoning because they drank diet soda which, unstable in the desert heat changed into a toxic cocktail of methanol, formaldehyde, formic acid and DKP.

No one believed the Gulf War veterans when their complaints began. Officially, there was no such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. According to the experts, the men and women were merely suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome seen in veterans after other wars."

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What has Gulf War syndrome got to do with Aspartame?

You have linked to factual evidence that breast cancer cases have increased since 1981 (the year Aspartame was introduced). This could merely be a coincidence. Nothing more. There may be 100s of 1000s of different other reasons for this increase.

It is always £1 in Poundland

Original Poster


It is always £1 in Poundland

It's the smaller (40g) jars are £1 in Poundland, at least that was what they were selling in my nearest store when I thought I spotted a bargain......
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