Candy CI640C Induction Hob - £169.99 @ Amazon

Candy CI640C Induction Hob - £169.99 @ Amazon

£169.99Amazon Deals
Found 26th Apr 2011
This is a bargain over £300 everwhere else

* 60 cm 4 zone induction hob
* Digital touch controL
* Timer on one zone
* Child lock
* Digital clock

The Candy CI640C Electric Hob comes in a sleek black colour. The CI640C has easy to use touch controls. The CI640C has 4 electric zones.

The CI640C has a residual heat indicator feature where the indicator lights stay on until the surface has cooled down to a temperature which is safe enough to touch. To offer peace of mind the Candy CI640C built in-integrated Electric Hob also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Please Note:This may not be supplied with a cable as it requires hardwiring which will be provided by a registered electrician.

Dimensions (cm): (H)5 (W)59 (D)52
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Thank u
Cheap for an induction hob
It is candy, who make terrible appliances, I worked for them for 6 months bought (heavy staff discount) a fridge freezer, dishwasher and washer drier. All gave up very quickly, I'd avoid them, it is possible to buy other brands at not far off this price.
Good price for an induction. I bagged a Whirlpool end of line one at half price when I rennovated my place and they really are fantastic to use and super easy to clean.

Can't vouch for the reliability of Candy ones but I did buy one of their washing machines years ago and never had any trouble with it in the 3 or 4 years of using it up until we sold the flat.

You'll be lucky to find anything other than electrical retails own brand stuff at this sort of price.

Only downside was having to buy a whole new set of pans for it.
Ikea do cheap pans for induction hobs. Otherwise you will struggle to find them, and when you do they cost a fortune. It's true that Candy don't seem to have a good reputation for longevity, but I can second the vote for induction hobs - they heat up super quick and are very controllable.
Yep. Think I bought my set (4 pans with lids + 1 frying pan) for about £30-£40 in Argos ... which didn't seem too bad.

Easy way to check is whack a magnet on the bottom of your current pans. If it sticks, they should be OK with induction.
Thanks for posting - just ordered
Says currently unavailable on the site
Expired maybe?
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