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Candy Floss Maker £2 instore @ Wilko (Bedminster)

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Went into Bedminster wilko earlier bought this candy floss maker and a chocolate fountain £2.00 each bargain as gifts for the kids or adults alike! I also bought a chocolate fountain reduced to £2 but that was last one .
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    Keep an eye out on the reduced shelves as I picked up cast iron brownie skillets today which had reduced stickers ,down from £8 to £2 but scanned at 50p.
    75% off now to get rid of stock which is the good end of the sale
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    Was this a reduced sticker on the product or did it scan at £2
    The picture shows that the shelf label is showing as £2
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    Oh my gosh I want one SO very much!!

    How do you make it, do you have to buy that brand (or generic, does it exist?) candy floss "powder", or just mix up out of things you have in the kitchen? I'm presuming it's prebought stuff, is it easy to get? I need to Google...
    You can use standard granulated sugar and add your own flavour if you want. That’s what we’ve done and it’s just the same as bought stuff. Just without the colour. 
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    Cheaper than a candy floss from the fair
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    Magnificent price
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    * WANT ! *
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    Been looking for one of these! Bargain everywhere else they are at least 20 quid! (edited)
    Yeah they ate 25 plus when I googled x
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    I had to Google that lol,didn't know that's what they were called,that's very good
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    Bought one from their Droitwich store, alas not as cheap as this... £9
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    I need to find me a Wilkos...
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    Likely be a lot more reductions soon - Wilko are on the brink.
    That’s sad ☹️
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    These are rubbish, don't expect much from this fad. £2 is about the right price.
    It's OK for young kids. It keeps them happy and love to watch it being made. Obviously if you want a better one..GO TO THE FAIR.
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    Just picked up one today, was up for £30 scanned at £2 thank you OP