Candy Grabber  - Only £7.98 delivered from game!

Candy Grabber - Only £7.98 delivered from game!

Found 24th May 2007
The Fairground Candy Grabber is sure to deliver a novel bout of nostalgia for anyone whos ever been to a fairground.

But instead of watches, figurines and cuddly toys, its sweets youll be grabbing with your very own desktop Candy Grabber!

Simply slot in three D-size batteries, load up the Candy Grabber with your favourite confectionary, slot in the provided plastic coins and use the levers to grab whatever you can, complete with authentic fairground music, tense time limit, and even a round of applause if you succeed!

Candy Grabber Features:

Funsize: Measuring approximately 34 x 26 x 20 cm, the Candy Grabber gives you fairground novelty on your desktop!

Money Matters: Plastic coins provided, or use real change and turn the Candy Grabber into a moneybox!

Sounds as a 'Ground: Fairground music and a round of applause give that authentic fairground feel.

Battery powered: Requires 3 D-size batteries (not included).


Great deal, especially with free delivery. Heat and Rep added!

Nice one.

These are total rubbish.
I got given 1.
Rather just eat the sweets. Save £8.
And the music is highly irritating, and you cant switch it off.
Just dont

Great price, thanks. My son will be very happy when it comes - and in the long run will be cheaper then the real thing at the arcade!

I have ordered one so I hope it grabs me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very good price blueladd :thumbsup: My nephew got one one for christmas and had great fun with it ( they paid a lot more than £7.98!)

Now sold out:x


Thnx for the update pedroman, i'll expire it now
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