Candyfloss Maker - £27.91 Delivered (Using Code) @ PrezzyBox

Candyfloss Maker - £27.91 Delivered (Using Code) @ PrezzyBox

Found 5th Oct 2010
Candy Floss... just the smell of it takes you back to childhood. Its yummy, sweet and so irresistible yet we only seem to eat it at the fair?

Get the joy of the funfair in your own home anytime, without trudging around a muddy field! Delight your family and friends with endless colourful authentic candy floss, in minutes.

To use, just use caster sugar for fluffy white floss or add powdered food colouring to make floss of any other colour and that's not all! Now the Candy Floss Maker allows you to make candy floss from boiled sweets!

You can use sweets such as clear mints, hard candy fruit sweets or, the best bit… sugar free sweets. So, the whole family can enjoy the finest gourmet candy floss, even if you are diabetic! A perfect gift that the whole family can enjoy, from five to ninety-five!

You will be amazed at the amount of different colours and flavours you can create with this little machine. For once you can have candy floss with some real flavour unlike your pure sugar flavoured fairground favourite. This machine is destined to add a little gourmet magic to an old family favourite…always a winning quality!

So why not go all Chef Ramsey and combine sweets to create some fruity candy floss concoctions? You could try mixing your favourite fruit sweets for sumptuous fruit salad or apple and toffee flavour for delicious toffee apple??

Children of all ages will want to get involved from 5 to 65! The new halogen technology in the Giles and Posner Candy Floss Maker delivers more candy floss in less time than traditional heating elements; giving you even more fun for your money!

•Simple to use
•Fun for all the family - Ideal for an easy treat or great at parties
•Easy to clean and store - Detachable, dishwasher proof bowl and splash guard

Sweets that work well:
•Cola Cubes
•Sherbet Lemons
•Pear Drops
•Hard Boiled Fruit Sweets
•Hard Clear Mints
•Hard Candy

Do not use:
•Jelly Sweets
•Chewy Sweets
•Bubble/chewing gum
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Ooh. Thats tempting.

Firebox have a similar one for £34 but doesn't do boiled sweets.

Has anyone here seen/tried one?
Edited by: "rizla01" 5th Oct 2010
I have the firebox one it is really good fun but only makes a small amount so it takes ages for every one to get a small stick of candy floss but worth buying for the great candy floss smell
Bye bye teeth!
The code HERE did not work, It came up "do not exist"
Click the "HERE" and it will take you to the code that is BEST20% pmsl

The code HERE did not work, It came up "do not exist"

hehe pmsl!
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