Canon 14XEF II 1.4x Extender - Amazon - £239.99

Canon 14XEF II 1.4x Extender - Amazon - £239.99

Found 30th Nov 2010
Canon 1.4x Extender compatible with Lens Case LP811 (Special type lens)
Dust and moisture resistant
Effective aperture of the lens is increased by one stop
Can be used with fixed focal length lenses 135mm and longer
Metal body construction


Seems to be relatively cheap (for a UK based company), see here for prices. The link doesn't take me to a £239.99 version though (all be it £0.77 more lol!)

I have found it slightly cheaper at but I don't know much about them... link here
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can be bought cheaper on ebay from digigood

Negative, £229 hdew camera

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now £235.44
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