Canon 60d + 17-85mm Lense £899 @ Warehouse Express
Canon 60d + 17-85mm Lense £899 @ Warehouse Express

Canon 60d + 17-85mm Lense £899 @ Warehouse Express

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Canon 60D with 17-85mm Lense @ Warehouse Express

for today only.

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Seems like a good deal (if you have £900 spare at xmas!)

Dont forget QuidCo and TopCashBack brings down the price even more to £881 ish.


Aaaargh !! it's LENS !!! why oh why do people insist on putting an E on the end !!!!

it makes no sens

I bought this camera a couple of weeks ago and am quite impressed with it - Canon have made it slightly smaller than the previous 50d (which I need to put on ebay :-) and lighter as it is made of plastic rather than magnesium (this isn't an issue to me as it still seems tough) - The video quality is really good!

Interesting site...
60D Body is going for £809.99 - warehouseexpress.com/buy…200
if you get it with the standard kit lens...
Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens - warehouseexpress.com/buy…202

So... Body + Kit Lens £799 or JUST the body for £809.99...

Now that's just weird! But cheap for the kit pack.

I sold my 550D and got the 60D, loving the extra features. Makes the 550D look like a cheap toy in comparison, although both are exactly the same video and image quality, this has a much better audio (not the stupid agc audio in the 550D). More sensible battery position, meaning you can remove the battery while still attached to a tripod. Something you couldn't do on the 550D. This has a nice flip out screen which is great for video work. Much stronger body. However...

The Canon 60D video is stunning, but if you really want a camera for pure video quality, I'd wait for the Panasonic GH2 which looks amazing!!!
Have a read of this...
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