Canon A570 IS £52.39 delivered @ Marshall Ward with possible 6% quidco
Canon A570 IS £52.39 delivered @ Marshall Ward with possible 6% quidco

Canon A570 IS £52.39 delivered @ Marshall Ward with possible 6% quidco

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This camera got great reviews when it was nearly £200 so even though it's probably getting on a bit this seems a good price for it. You may also be able to get it cheaper with the various first order vouchers normally available for Marshall Ward. It is also available at LittlewoodsDirect in the sale.

7.1 megapixels resolution. 4x optical zoom. 4x digital zoom. Auto ISO sensitivity up to 1600. Face detection, red eye reduction and multi shooting modes. Image stabilisation. SD memory card slot-16MB. 2.5in TFT screen.


Very HOT !!!!!!!!!!!! x

Great camera. Paid nearly 3 times as much for ours about 18months ago. Unlike most compacts this gives the option to manually select all your setting as well as having them on Auto.

Might have to buy another one since haven't been able to find ours since a Christmas party!

I have this camera and it's really good. A bargain at the £90 I paid for it a year ago never mind this price! That said, I wouldn't buy it again because I came to realise just how much I appreciated my previous camera that would fit in my jeans pocket, even though this takes better quality photos. Also, although the video is good quality, it encodes video it in MJPEG format so file sizes are ridiculously huge. If you don't take many videos and you don't mind this being a bit thicker than other cameras then this is an absolute steal!

These square PowerShots really do punch above their weight in terms of image quality. I still love the image quality of the photos my old A40 turns out. Complete bargain for £50, especially with IS.

Check the vouchers section ... there's £30 off £60 spend.

I just ordered 3 (not being greedy ... lost ours at Christmas ... mum's birthday next week ... and need 1 for work) and price works out £40 each plus 6% Quidco. Awesome.

If they don't honour the voucher it's still a hot deal. With the voucher it's positively scorching.

I've got the A560 and the pictures are extremely good quality due to the excellent Canon lens. These compacts get good expert reviews.
This model is even better as it has image stabilisation. Hot from me.

Why is this expired?

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Received mine but sadly it eats batteries. A set of fully charged 2100s took about a dozen pictures, then I left the camera off for a few days and when switched back on it pops up the low battery indicator. Also tried the Lidls rechargeables but they won't even power it up! :x Any one else having problems?

I bought some Encore 2500 mAh from Lidl when I first bought the camera and they last really well but a year later they're uselss. I bought some 2000 energizer ones just to see me through and they were no good at all. It does seem the camera is power hungry but then it is a bit old school. Just pack lots of spare and get the best batteries you can I'm afraid.

It's definitely power hungry (don't think that's got anything to do with it's age though).

Best thing is to invest in some of the latest low drain batteries, eg Sanyo Eneloop or the like. Gave the camera a new lease of life for us.

Can I recommend you read ]this post I made a while ago on the subject of batteries.

I use Uniross Hybrio 2100 mAh in mine and they last for ages.
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