Canon DC10 DVD Digital Camcorder & Bundle Kit only £379.99 from amazon!!!
Canon DC10 DVD Digital Camcorder & Bundle Kit only £379.99 from amazon!!!

Canon DC10 DVD Digital Camcorder & Bundle Kit only £379.99 from amazon!!!

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Canon DC10 DVD Digital Camcorder Bundle Kit [1.33Mp. 10x], [Includes: Deluxe Carry Case, Extra BP-208 Battery Pack & Extra DVD-R]

This seems like a really good price for this camcorder bundle from amazon. For £379.99 you get the Canon DC10 camcorder, a deluxe carry case, an extra battery pack and an extra DVD-R. Sounds like all the accessories you need! I've looked at other sites, and the camcorder alone seems to be over £400, so I think it's a bargain.

Product Features: * Slim, easy-handling design * Direct-to-DVD * 1.33 Megapixel 1/4" CCD and DIGIC DV * 10x optical zoom with built-in lens cap * High Resolution 16:9 * Electronic Image Stabilizer * Advanced photo functionality * PictBridge * 2.5" colour LCD * USB 2.0 Hi-Speed

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[/COLOR][/SIZE]Manufacturer's Description
The DC10 digital camcorder gives you all the convenience and functionality of DVD technology by letting you record directly to DVDs, plus a variety of options for shooting and sharing. Only 3" (8cm) in diameter, the DC10's DVD -R/-RW discs are compatible with most DVD players and can store up to 30 minutes of video in standard mode and 60 minutes of video in long play mode. That's 120 minutes on a double-sided disc!
With the DC10's DVD technology, you no longer have to worry about mistakenly taping over a once-in-a-lifetime piece of footage. You simply shoot, and the DC10 ensures that you are recording onto a blank part of the DVD.
The DC10's DVD functionality also makes it possible for you to review your footage quickly and easily without the bother of rewind or fast-forward searching. With the camcorder's Visual Index, you can review your footage at a glance and play the selection you want. You can even select shots and arrange them into a playlist. It's like editing your video right in your camcorder!
What's more, the finalization process for these DVDs is quick and easy with the DC10. It's just one more reason why you'll love recording direct to DVD with your DC10.

Convenience in a Handy Size
The DC10 unites the convenience and image quality of DVD with the world's smallest Megapixel camcorder.* Super-thin and compact, it's never been easier to capture your most unforgettable moments- with a camcorder that's less that 2 inches wide. It's simple to carry it with you in a tote bag or coat pocket so your DC10 is never far from where you need it.

True Widescreen Video
You want your memories to last forever -- that's why you've taken the time to shoot them. And you want to shoot in widescreen mode to get everything you can out of your new widescreen TV or home theater system.
So why is the way you record widescreen images so important? Because you want an image made for widescreen, not adapted for widescreen. Widescreen is the future -- every HD television is widescreen.
The story of how we do it may be a bit technical, but the result is clear to see. Canon camcorders use the entire width of the image sensor to capture your precious video in true 16:9 mode. What difference does this make? It's simple. With more pixels captured, you get better image quality. Other camcorders force the wider picture into a smaller space on the sensor -- giving you a less true image, with fewer pixels and lower quality. On a Canon camcorder, the canals of Venice will be as grand as you remembered seeing them.
In addition, the viewfinder on your DC10 will display the image in a "letterbox" view -- from side to side and top to bottom, what you see will be what you get. No guessing and extra work when looking at an image that's distorted like a fun house mirror.
To make it even easier, a Widescreen Button lets you switch from standard 4:3 to 16:9 Widescreen Mode at the touch of your finger. The widescreen feature can also be used in both Program Mode and Easy Recording Mode, as well as with the camcorder's advanced image stabilization.
The DC10 gives you the opportunity to own a camcorder that shoots as wide as your widescreen TV. Why shouldn't your camcorder shoot as wide as your widescreen TV? It should -- and our competitors can't match the widescreen video you'll get from your Canon DC10.
Remember -- widescreen is the future -- be sure you invest in that future with a Canon camcorder.

Optical Performance You Can See
Because of Superior Canon Optics, the name Canon is synonymous with unsurpassed optical performance. Brilliant optical quality is part of every Canon broadcast TV camera, 35mm film camera, and camcorder -- and the DC10 is no exception. Superior Canon Optics is just one of the DV Photo Plus technologies that unleash the digital potential of your camcorder and ensure outstanding results.
The DC10 comes with a 10x optical zoom lens, precisely matched to the camcorder's CCD and featuring a unique, super spectra coating developed exclusively by Canon to reduce flare and ghosting for a clean image. Combined with the camcorder's powerful 200x digital zoom, the lens gives an impressive range of focal lengths. That means you always have the perfect lens, whether you're on vacation and recording a breathtaking landscape, capturing a group shot at a wedding, or shooting close-ups at a child's birthday party. The DC10's built-in high-quality image stabilizer allows you to shoot rock-steady video -- whether you're shooting sporting events, fun & games at a child's birthday party, or capturing a shot at a long focal length. It even works while panning and zooming. Thanks to Canon's superior electronic expertise, the DC10's image stabilization system corrects camcorder shake instantly, thereby eliminating one of the telltale signs of amateur video.

1.33 Megapixel CCD
One of the reasons the DC10 delivers stunningly vivid video and still images is its razor-sharp 1.33 Megapixel CCD -- one of the DV Photo Plus technologies that ensure uncompromisingly brilliant results. Images are captured with outstanding clarity, giving you brilliant image quality to match the camcorder's brilliant DVD functionality.

Because Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV signal processing circuit processes video and still images differently, you get uncompromising image quality for both. Video and still images have different color requirements and DIGIC DV technology processes the two signals accordingly. That means digital photos are maximized for viewing on computer monitors and as prints. DIGIC DV is just one of Canon's DV Photo Plus technologies that help to unleash the performance potential of the DC10.

Share Your Video
The DVD technology of the DC10 not only makes it easy to capture great images, it also makes it easy to share your video with family and friends.
To begin with, you can simply watch the video you've just shot by connecting your DC10 to your TV and viewing your unfinalized DVD. Or, finalize your DVD, then watch it on your TV by playing it in your DVD player. (Your DC10 comes with both S-Video and Composite output.)
You can also share your video by connecting your DC10 to your computer with the supplied USB cable. Then, with one touch of the Print & Share button, you can transfer your video footage to your hard drive.
Once your video is transferred, the supplied My DVD Software lets you edit your footage, create a chapter and play menu, and burn your footage to additional DVDs. Plus, even if your computer doesn't have a DVD drive, you can still make DVDs to share by using your DC10 to create another DVD.
With your DC10 DVD camcorder, all your friends and family can enjoy the memories you've captured.

Box Contents
[*]Canon DC10 DVD Digital Camcorder
[*]Battery Pack
[*]Compact Power Adapter
[*]MTC-100 Multi-AV Cable
[*]Wireless Controller
[*]DVD-R Disc
[*]USB Cable
[*]My DVD Software
[*]Digital Video Solution Disc for Windows & Macintosh
[*]Deluxe Carry Case
[*]Extra BP-208 Battery Pack
[*]Extra DVD-R[/LIST]
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