Canon Digital Ixus I Zoom 5mp Jet Black £73.92 with free delivery

Canon Digital Ixus I Zoom 5mp Jet Black £73.92 with free delivery

Found 11th Mar 2007
Amazing price for this very compact camera.

Features 5MP and 3x optical zoom.

Only a few left so be quick!

Sorry, it's "only" 2.4x optical zoom!
- badger2007

Don't forget to use Quidco for 7 pence cashback!!
- badger2007


Looks nice:)

Stylish and slim
Designed to get heads turning, the super slim Digital IXUS i zoom comes in four irresistible colours*. Elegant contours complete an exquisitely designed all-metal body.

2.4x optical zoom
A compact ultra-high refractive index aspherical (UA) 2.4x optical zoom allows for improved framing without sacrificing quality. When you need to get close, Canon's precision optics combine with digital zoom to provide impressive 10x magnification.

Processing Power
Canon's DIGIC II processor ensures fast, responsive camera performance and superbly rendered colours. iSAPS analyses each scene and optimises key camera settings even before a shot is taken. These technologies combine to provide superb, immediate results.

Camera Station
The DIGITAL IXUS i zoom comes with a convenient Camera Station. It is the base for quick and easy direct printing, PC uploads and battery charging. Supplied with its own wireless controller and video out connection for slide and movie shows straight from the camera to your TV.

Shooting modes
Choose from 16 shooting modes to expand your potential. Seven Special Scene modes help you deal with tricky settings. Apply custom colour effects in real time with My Colors. Movie mode lets you record VGA quality movies with sound. Play back to family and friends by connecting to a TV through the Camera Station.

Intelligent Orientation Sensor
The Intelligent Orientation Sensor automatically rotates portrait shots before playback and converts the Func/Set button into a handy shutter release when the camera is held vertically.

Connect the Camera Station to any PictBridge compatible printer for effortless printing. Push the Print/Share button for a full colour print within seconds. Connect to a Canon SELPHY CP Series printer and take advantage of advanced print functions, such as printing ID photos.

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Upload images at high speed with the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection.

Good price, voted hot :thumbsup:

Wow......bargain of a lifetime!! Well done


Website shows 2 in stock but they're not really there if you try to buy them, :-(

cos im holding one in my basket :-)

Original Poster

There were more earlier, but probably all gone now. I think they show stock until the payment has been processed, even though someone may have bought it.



cos im holding one in my basket :-)

You might be in for a disappointment then... ebuyer don't hold stock. If you haven't paid for it - you haven't got it!

If you want the fitted case for it the quickfind code is 66492 or direct link here: ]http//ww…492

Note: If stocks of the camera are as low as suggestion above & you've already ordered one, wait until the camera shows as allocated in your order before adding the case. You do this by going to your order and click on the add item tab (only mentioned this for those that aren't familiar with Ebuyer).

Note 2: Canon make excellent digital cameras. This an absolute bargain

I have never bought from Ebuyer so excuse me if this is a stupid question!
I have put one of these in my shopping basket and its showing 87 overdue. Do they get more stock in and honour this price, or is it too late for this bargain. I have the standard IXis 1 which I bought ages ago and its a wonderful compact little camera. Can well recommend this range.
Ebuyer have also got a gold one in stock but its £135, wonder if this is a good price? or is it the same as the black one but in gold?
thanks for any help

Yes the gold one is exactly the same advice is to preorder the black one as it is a bargain and from my experience of digital cameras Canon are up there with the best...yes it should be at the price you pre ordered.

Thankyou so much for your help currychops! Fingers x I will get the camera.

As an alternative you could get the Samsung S500 from superdrug ?

3X optical zoom
takes cheap SD cards


This camera is around £70-£80 everywhere else.

I've bought 3 at this price for family members. Its a good camera though the batteries dont last long.

Got them from two different stores now, none on the shelf I've had to ask and they've gone "round the back to get it".

Stores also have it marked on the shelf as reduced to half price from £99.99 to £49.99, but as of last week it will scan @ £29.99.

Now thats a "Bargain"


Now £93.99 inc vat


Now £93.99 inc vat

yep so lets hope they honour the lower price for those that preordered prior to the price increase...ebuyer are past masters at increasing prices after a deal appears on HUKD


That's just ebuyers mental pricing system - the price will probably drop again should they get any more stock.


i missed it too!
too bad!

I just bought this camera from, price said £139.99 but somehow another £14 was taken off the price (didn't have any points or anything) so got it for £126

I thought I was getting a bargain at that price as it's a very nice camera and very easy to use, think original retail price was £299

Dead link?


Dead link?

ebuyer is currently a bit broken and has been all evening.

Will that case fit the i7?

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The Body Glove case is for an Ixus I5 which is not the same shape as I Zoom or I7 - the one review for the item on ebuyer says the I Zoom did not fit.

My error with the case. Very sorry for that.

Just had an email to say that my order at the original knock down price is on its way. As the camera is now showing as in-stock, perhaps it really is ! :thumbsup:
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