Canon Digital IXUS Sock - £1.95 Delivered @ Amazon Sold By Go Memory

Canon Digital IXUS Sock - £1.95 Delivered @ Amazon Sold By Go Memory

Found 14th Mar 2011Made hot 15th Mar 2011
Digital IXUS Protective Sock compatible with all Canon IXUS Digital Cameras.

RRP - £19.99

Marketplace Seller With 98% Positive Feedback.


Think this will fit the S95?

Anyone know if I'll be able to comfortably fit my Scrote into one of these? I've had pouches like this before that have been a very tight fit and you end up missing the moment while your fumbling around trying to get it off.

Bargain anyway, deep heat added.


Think this will fit the S95?

I bought one of the a few weeks ago for my S95, it's a very tight fit, I had to remove the metal clasp thing (sorry don't know the proper name for it) and make the top flap a little shorter and sew it down, and it kind of fits ok, the opening does leave the camera a little exposed but I find it great for carrying the camera around in my handbag to prevent it getting scratched without adding too much bulk.

Now £1.05

Ordered and voted hot, Thanks

RRP £19.99???

I have one of these and its worth about 99p!

Oh yes and the little carabina clip damages your camera!

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I agree, its worth no more than .99p. I have IXUS130 and it fits just right but watch out for the unsecure opening! Unless u make ur own lock u risking loosing the camera.

carabina clip damanges the camera ??

No thanks then.


carabina clip damanges the camera ??No thanks then.

Yeah it does if your not really carefuly, silly design. I took the clip off so I literally now have it as a camera sock with no strings attached.

Great find!

Just ordered 1, you can't go wrong for that price.

Top banana

I have one too.. Somewhere. It's not great but it'll do. Got it free with camera, I wouldn't buy it foe more than a quid. God knows where they got the over inflated rrp from!

Usu an old sock and a piece of string instead.

rubbish as I bought 2 of these, metal piece scratches the camera and flimsy design, use a pair of old suck instead !!

Socks for sale
I have lots of socks and Ixus sized feet... I will only charge p&p, unless of course you go for my deluxe model which incorporates a 'shoot in the sock' feature; thanks to the hole at the toe end and the nearly-worn-thru of the sole for viewing, it's yours for £9.99, or pay £10 and get one free!!

Watch out for the new Ipad2 pants coming soon...
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