Canon DW-100 DVD Burner - DABS - £23.07 delivered

Canon DW-100 DVD Burner - DABS - £23.07 delivered

Found 10th Mar 2010
Seems a decent price for this, although please note that it does not attached to a PC, it must connect directly to a compatible Canon camcorder.

Most other stores seem to sell for £40+

DW-100 Features
With the Canon DW-100, burning your movies to DVD is made simple. Share your favourite moments with friends and family, expertly rendered in either standard or high definition. All you need is a compatible Canon camcorder

Clean, compact design and the portable nature of the Canon DW-100 make it equally at home in your living room, as part of your entertainment setup, or in your backpack, travelling with you to far flung destinations.

Create slideshows with ease; the Canon DW-100 effortlessly transforms photographic files onboard your Canon camcorder into seamless photo-movies, a perfect way of sharing your snaps with everyone.

Fast transfer of your movies and images is assured by USB 2.0 connectivity.

The Canon DW-100 is more than just a DVD burner, it is also a HD DVD player (AVCHD format), eliminating the need to buy a separate unit to play back your movies.


Why do they have one listed at £150 as well? Are there 2 different kinds...?

Excellent! I just got an HF200 and this will let me quickly burn a DVD rather than download and do it through the PC! Thanks OP!

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Out of stock already, obviously they did not have many or somebody got greedy :-)

can this play back HD-DVDs ?
are write dvd-rs

basically a dvd writer with HD-DVD player all in 1 ?
wonder if it would pick up as a drive in a pc via usb ?
or take the drive out of it ?


Out of stock already, obviously they did not have many or somebody got … Out of stock already, obviously they did not have many or somebody got greedy :-)

I think its likely a price mistake. Anyway, doesn't stop you from ordering, just ordered one :p. Waiting for the cancellation email now

Hey mine just despatched!

I ordered one when it was OOS. Paid by PayPal as a "Pending Payment". They emailed a few days ago to say the PayPal payment was declined!? Wierd as the PayPal payment was deducted from my account and Dabs just had to confirm it.

Anyway I changed the account to a card payment method and emailed them to reprocess the order which they did and it shipped today!

Thanks OP!

If anyone still wants one I have found it for £44 shipped at Bristol Cameras.…n-c
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