Canon EOS 200D Kit with EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens Digital SLR Cameras - Black £399.95 @ Eglobal central

Canon EOS 200D Kit with EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens Digital SLR Cameras - Black £399.95 @ Eglobal central

Found 1st Apr
Best deal I've seen for this camera. Better than you can get them for when buying second hand. However, it's from eGlobal.

Use discount code APRFOOL for 4.1% off today. You can use this code on whatever you want, not just this camera.

Enough said. Please avoid going too far down the grey market import hole when discussing this. I was going to post this deal earlier, decided against it due to the eGlobal factor. Then saw someone posting the 1300D for £350 and this is a far better camera in my opinion, worth the extra £50 and if you ended up getting stung by some 20% tax it would still be one of best deals available for the camera.
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Thinking of the 1300D deal purely because it includes the 35-70 lens? Just get one from eBay and expect to pay 35-50 quid or so. This one with half hour left is £30 just now. If you want it, buy it, if you want to know the price they go for well from a half hour on you can click it and see what the auction ended at.
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Great price! Heat added
grey import, poorly rated seller
buyer beware
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The deal won’t become super hot and for the casual observer here I just want to reiterate that the reason is the seller. The price and spec is very good. If you’re worried about the seller but this is your budget then occasionally you can pick one up at this price from eBay and if you want brand new then likewise eBay has some deals around the £485 price.

Pay with PayPal, if it doesn’t arrive you’re protected by their buyer protection. If you’re desperately in need of one and this is what you want that’s highly unusual and you’re probably already prepared to stretch your budget for a higher priced and more reputable seller elsewhere.

If you’re looking for this and a nifty fifty and you want a reputable seller then beware the curry’s one on a deal at the minute for £579 or so is the mark three lens which is actually not as good as the mark two IS lens, IS being image stabilisation which is useful for macro shots where hand movements can mess up a perfect shot.
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