CANON EOS 500D WITH 18-55MM (IS) potential £433 + 3%TCB @ Comet

CANON EOS 500D WITH 18-55MM (IS) potential £433 + 3%TCB @ Comet

Found 18th Nov 2010
This is the Canon 500d with the IS version of the 18-55mm lens (confirmed by Comet reps in the comments).

1- Comet have reduced this to £515.

2- Go through TCB. Place a click and reserve order.

3- Register for comet perks

4- Print the 10% off gifts email - see link in post 2

4 - Collect in store. Pay £463 (£515 less 10%)

5- Claim £30 back from Canon.

£433.5 + potential £15.45 cashback*.

*Cash-back may not payout due to voucher use.


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This is an email sent to Perks members for 10% off Gifts:

You need to edit "myemailhere" and "myfirstname" to your own

When you collect your camera at the store they will validate you have perks membership so make sure you have applied for it first!

After the validation, this is one of many offers then available for them to apply.

You show them the printout. They apply 10% off.

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I bought just the body refurbished in March for about this money so sounds like a great deal to me ;o)

the 550D much much better !! ( if you can stretch to the extra ££) as the video on this 500D is 'pants' !!


Looks good. Anyone tried the 10% perks voucher in store yet?

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Looks good. Anyone tried the 10% perks voucher in store yet?

I did today. And it worked. Sort of.

Once they validated my email address the offer was available on the till for the staff to apply.

Actually there were a bunch of perks offer available (10% off Ipods, 10% off camera's, 10% off gifts, 10% off accessories)

The nub serving me couldn't get it applied so ended up just using the staff discount button.
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EOS 500D - £30/€35 Cashback - from canon website

How about also using code 5300AW when reserving to collect at store for an extra 5% off? That would make it £440 when you pick up from the store, plus £30 cashback (£410) from Canon and a possible further £13 Quidco cashback. Final price £397?

Has anyone else managed to get he Perks thing to work in store? I was all set to walk out with a nice new Canon 500D this morning but they couldn't validate/find my email address! I signed up last Friday.

I signed up again today with a new email address and went back this evening, they still coulnd't validate/find my email address!

I got a "Welcome to Comet Perks" email both times. I even showed them the email on my iPhone but they said there was no way for them to process the offer. Are you supposed to get a membership number too when you sign??

I used the perks thing on something else last week - they used the £5 off by getting manager over.

After 3 trips to Comet on 3 consecutive days - I finally have it!

Reserved online with 5% discount code, made it £489. Used 10% off with Perks in-store, reduced it to £440. With canon and quidco cashback it will come to £395! Bargain.
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