Canon HV40 High Definition MiniDV Camcorder £629.99 @ Bestcameras(includes free delivery, carry case, table tripod and 2 year warranty)

Canon HV40 High Definition MiniDV Camcorder £629.99 @ Bestcameras(includes free delivery, carry case, table tripod and 2 year warranty)

Found 10th Apr 2009
The LEGRIA HV40 is a High Definition moviemakers camcorder, offering the flexibility to realise your creative vision. Take manual control of different settings using the customisable Control Dial.

* Canon HD Camera System
* Instant AF
* 10x zoom and Super Range OIS
* Custom Key and assignable Control Dial
* Advanced Accessory Shoe
* Multiangle Vivid LCD screen
* 50i and 25p
* Simultaneous photo shooting
* AV in
* Optional long life battery

Unleash your creativity in High Definition.

Canon HD Camera System
The LEGRIA HV40 inherits all the benefits of the Canon HD Camera System from its award-winning predecessor, the HV30. The unique combination of a genuine Canon HD Video Lens, a Full HD CMOS sensor and the DIGIC DV II processor delivers superb HDV1080i (High Definition Video), recorded to tape.

Instant AF
Even slight focusing errors show up in HD footage. The LEGRIA HV40 employs Instant AF, Canons unique hybrid auto focus system, to achieve pin-sharp focus at speed.

10x zoom and Super Range OIS
A genuine Canon HD Video Lens with a 10x optical zoom is constructed to the most exacting standards drawing on Canons expertise in broadcast lens manufacture. A Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer compensates for vibrations across the frequency range, combating camera shake.

Custom Key and assignable Control Dial
The LEGRIA HV40 gives moviemakers more manual control over shooting variables. A Custom Key lets you choose what function youd like to assign to the manual Control Dial: choose to control features such as focus, exposure, or audio level.

Advanced Accessory Shoe
With an Advanced Accessory Shoe, adapt the camcorder to your specific needs a range of optional peripherals, including a video light and a directional microphone, can be added. Manual audio level control gives you precise control over audio recording. Quickly connect to a compatible HD TV or computer via HDMI.

Cinematic 25p shooting
The LEGRIA HV40 gives you the option of true 25p (progressive) shooting. Combined with a special CINE image mode, shoot movies that have the look and feel of traditional film. 25p also provides improved low light performance.

Simultaneous photo shooting
Thanks to DIGIC DV II, shoot 2.07MP photos and video simultaneously, with photos stored to MiniSD card. A range of dedicated photo features is available, including a one-push histogram for monitoring brightness levels. Its easy to print photos on any PictBridge compatible printer.

AV input
Via an AV input connection, transfer analogue footage (including your old home movies) to digital tape ideal for archiving.

Optional long life battery
If youre planning a long shooting day, the LEGRIA HV40 is compatible with Canons optional high capacity battery (BP-2L24H) cutting down the need to carry spares.

Includes standard accessories as supplied by Canon UK - charger, battery, leads, software etc.


best camera you can get for the money ..

if you want to see the quality, check out a short film i made here with it :…=22

this camera is the best kept secret in the home movie world :-P

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hot - great price for a great camera. I have this camera and it is superb. Its the best camera you can get under £1200. This camera records high definition video onto minidv tape which in my opinion is much better than the newer AVCHD cameras (due to the lower level of compression offered by mpeg2 on minidv tape - the lower the compression the better the image quality). Remember, most, if not all, professional cameras still use mindv/mpeg2 and this camera is the closest consumer level camcorder you'll get to the professional range..
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