Canon Ixus 265 £99.99 @ Amazon

Canon Ixus 265 £99.99 @ Amazon

Found 19th Dec 2014
Seems a really good deal for a well rated point and click compact camera.

I've been researching compact cameras for a last minute present and this seems the best option for under hundred quid.

It did dip down to £89 at one point but I think that was a Black Friday one-off.



Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price and merchant to the title and an image.
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Thanks Andy: I was fumbling my way through on the iPad...will have a look at the help :-)

I wish the purple one were the same price!

The silver one just dropped in price too... Same price now

Lovely little compact well worth this price tag. Hot.

No it wasn't just Black Friday it was £90 last week (£85 with the Mastercard £5 off). I would wait for it to drop again

Fair price but as previous poster stated its been cheaper and probably should be about £20 cheaper than this.
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