Canon IXUS 82 IS (Blue) Digital Camera (8MP, 3x Opt, 2.5" LCD) plus Free 4GB SDHC Card - £119.00 delivered @ Jessops!
Canon IXUS 82 IS (Blue) Digital Camera (8MP, 3x Opt, 2.5" LCD)  plus Free 4GB SDHC Card - £119.00 delivered @ Jessops!

Canon IXUS 82 IS (Blue) Digital Camera (8MP, 3x Opt, 2.5" LCD) plus Free 4GB SDHC Card - £119.00 delivered @ Jessops!

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This Canon IXUS 82 IS (Blue) Digital Camera comes with a FREE 4GB SDHC card, and is now £119 delivered@ Jessops.

# Stylish perpetual curve design
# 8.0 Megapixel image sensor
# 3.0x optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer
# High ISO Auto with new Motion Detection Technology
# Face Detection Technology with new White Balance and Face Select & Track functions
# DIGIC III with Noise Reduction technology
# Automatic Red-Eye Correction in shooting and playback
# 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II
# 18 shooting modes including Sunset mode and My Colors photo effects
# Extensive movie options including VGA 30fps, Long Play and Time Lapse movie modes

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Canon IXUS 82 IS - Exclusive to Jessops
Smooth curves in a subtle powder blue colour, this beautifully designed 8.0 megapixel, aluminium-bodied camera has a built-in image stabiliser, motion and face detection plus red-eye correction.

The camera is packed with Canon know how: intelligent automatic features that produce flawless snapshots. Know how includes brand new Motion Detection Technology, which senses movement and says bye-bye to blur and spoiled photos, while the optical Image Stabilizer lens combats the effects of camera shake.

The focus system has been tweaked as well, for improved performance in low light situations. Whatever and wherever you’re shooting this season, the Digital IXUS 82 IS looks stunning, and gives flawless results.

Pure aluminium body

The Digital IXUS 82 IS unites style and practicality. The perpetual curve body incorporates pure aluminium, giving the camera a smooth yet solid texture and the unmistakable feel of quality that is inherent throughout the Digital IXUS range.

All about the image

In a first for an entry level Digital IXUS, the Digital IXUS 82 IS includes a 3x optical Zoom with Canon’s lens-shift type optical Image Stabilizer (IS). The lens gives a 38-114mm (35mm equivalent) field of view, perfect for the people shots at the heart of Digital IXUS photography. Canon’s lens-shift optical IS has the advantage over rival ISO-based stabilisation systems because it physically corrects the light path to stabilise the image, rather than simply boosting ISO. Canon’s IS produces blur-free images with no related increase in noise.

Bye-bye to blur – new Motion Detection Technology

Motion Detection Technology continues Canon’s drive to make high quality images easy universally achievable. Activated when High ISO Auto is selected, Motion Detection Technology uses data gathered from four sources – Face Detection Technology, the optical Image Stabilizer, scene brightness and subject movement – to detect and calculate the appropriate exposure values.

Blur is eliminated by boosting ISO to the optimum level between ISO 80-800. The system works intelligently, increasing ISO only when needed, avoiding the unnecessary increase in noise caused by other, less-intelligent, systems.

Enhanced Face Detection Technology

The Digital IXUS 82 IS introduces newly enhanced Face Detection Technologies to Digital IXUS. The Face Select and Track feature follows a user-selected face for as long as it remains in the frame, ensuring excellent results whenever the shutter button is pressed. New AF Point Zoom allows the photographer to magnify the AF frame when the shutter button is pressed half way, so that facial expressions can be checked before shooting. AF performance in low light has been significantly improved to achieve focus in scenes at around one stop darker. Face Detection Technology now includes Face Detection White Balance (WB). This function prioritises the colour temperature of the detected face over background colours, setting the optimum white balance for natural skin tones. Red-Eye Correction is also enhanced for 2008. The popular feature can now remove red-eye automatically during shooting, as well as in playback mode.

Easy viewing

The Digital IXUS 82 IS features a 230,000 dots resolution 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II screen. The screen offers high colour contrast and an exceptionally wide viewing angle – the image remains clear at virtually any angle. The Digital IXUS 82 IS also includes a real-image zoom optical viewfinder (OVF), enabling the screen to be turned off to conserve battery power.

Enhanced flexibility

The Digital IXUS 82 IS adds new Sunset Mode to its complement of Special Scene modes. Sunset optimises camera settings for improved capture of this popular, but sometimes tricky, photographic subject.

The new Trimming function allows users to quickly and easily remove unwanted parts of the image. Trimming integrates with Face Detection to snap to faces, enabling the easy creation of portrait images. The new image can be saved to a separate file, or the original image can be overwritten. The Digital IXUS 82 IS retains My Colors in-camera photo effects, Long Play (LP) Movies and Time Lapse Movies from previous models, making it a high-powered, flexible addition to the Digital IXUS range.

bargain esp with code and free mem card, considering the rise in cost of most cameras!
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