Canon MP210 Printer 15.19 after cashback offer
Canon MP210 Printer  15.19 after cashback offer

Canon MP210 Printer 15.19 after cashback offer

Buy forBuy forBuy for£30.19
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ok my first post
seen this printer for 31.99 @ ebuyer.com

so went to pc world who matched it and gave me the 10% difference making it 30.19

canon are also giving 15 back on this printer just download the form from the canon site
and copy your original receipt(with your brand new shiny printer) send it off


bargain price of 15.19 after cash back offer


I am afraid you are far too late for this one!


It was even cheaper a bit before that, two of my firiends have even had their cashback cheques, total cost then was about 14 quid!

Hang on... not sure what you are saying... it is 30 quid LESS the 15? Might be as well to tidy that up in the heading (not hunted around the PCWorld site to find it there, it does not link direct from your link)

Ah.. I have got it now.. I see your point, yes it is nearly as cheap as that original offer this way - eBuyer page here:

Bear in mind replacement cartridges will cost more than the printer itself!!

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on the learning curve people. corrected title
dont really use printer much mate so ideal for me, considered buying another printer with cheaper cartridges but the next 1 at this level all in one is about 45-50 quid

so even if i buy 2 extra lots of cartridges (around (9/10 each) it will still be cheaper than the next printer!!

which will last me a long time

good price for the occasional user

Doesn't this uses the 'same' carts as the MP460, if so this is a cheap - if long winded- way of buying carts for the 460; or are these ones the lower capacity cl38 + pg37?
If so please ignore post.

What most people who moan about cartridges forget is this is a scanner copier aswell as a printer,A bargain for a scanner copier without any printing.


A bargain for a scanner copier without any printing.

The act of copying involves printing. :thinking:

The act of copying involves printing. :thinking:

True well i got one weeks ago when they finished up at about £12 so for just a scanner thats a bargain.

pc world wouldnt price match ebuyer for me

it wasnt on their list?

Tried to order this by phone from PC World. No problem until I wanted to price match to ebuyer!
Agent claimed that they were being blocked from the ebuyer site & were therefore unable to price match over the phone. When challenged he said that I could price match in store. When then asked to check availability I was told that the nearest branch with stock was over 20 mile away - not a saving at the current petrol prices.

ive found it on their list, might go back and shove it in that guys face, its right next door to my work - lol. might try and price match tomorrow, thanks for the tip

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just an update

ended up getting my printer for 19p heres how

when i sent off my claim form i forgot to enclose a copy of the receipt so i sent another form a day later

today i received 2 cheques for 15 quid each!!! 2 different claim numbers so not a duplicate and will be depositing them on monday!

cheques came very quickly has to be said so thanks to canon total of less than 2 weeks

Just an update and to say cheers CASPERWHITE :thumbsup:
Price matched at PC World and received cheque from Canon no problem.
(The only thing is i didn't realise you dont get a lead nowadays with printers so had to get one. Paid £10 for one! Instead of looking on here... apparantly you can get one from a pound upwards.

Never mind great deal for this...

Have repped you too

I bought a Canon MP210 from ebuyer.com and found it was missing a plastic bracket to hold the ink cartridges. It had a grey plastic bracket, but there is supposed to be a black plastic bit on top of that.

I sent it back and got a replacement, which had the same problem. I saw an MP210 in a Comet branch and it had the same problem.

ebuyer handled the returns well, and I needn't need a printer there and then, but it would have been a pain if I had done. I then gave up getting an MP210 and got ebuyer to send me Samsung laser printer/scanner/copier instead.

I sent my claim form off 2 weeks ago, nothing yet - Pc world price matched amazon for me, so if I receive cashback will be cheap but this deal has expired now
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