Canon MV890 Mini DV Camcorder - just £124.99 delivered !!

Canon MV890 Mini DV Camcorder - just £124.99 delivered !!

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Found 11th Jul 2007
This Canon MV890 Mini DV Camcorder was £249, and is now just £124.99 delivered @ !! Cheapest i can see elsewhere is £189.99.

An entry-level, true 16:9 high-resolution camcorder with powerful 22x optical zoom and DIGIC DV for vibrant colours. One-push shooting and a widescreen LCD make the MV890 a perfect video tool.

* True 16:9 recording with widescreen LCD & colour viewfinder

* High power 22x optical zoom * Vivid colours with DIGIC DV

* Easy shooting mode and just six control buttons * Mic input connection.

* Easy handling compact body * Built-in convenient sliding lens cover


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[LEFT]Here's some more indepth features taken from Argos website:[/LEFT]

[*]Focus: Auto/Manual.
[*]Exposure modes: Easy, Auto, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks.
[*]22 x optical zoom
[*]700 x digital zoom.
[*]2.7in widescreen colour LCD screen
[*]DV output.
[*]An entry-level camcorder with 22x zoom for true 16:9 widescreen and 4:3 recording.
[*]True 16:9 high resolution widescreen recording.
[*]Colour viewfinder and additional 4:3 mode.
[*]Variable speed 22x optical zoom with electronic image stabilization.
[*]Digic DV.
[*]One-push easy shooting and intuitive joystick navigation system.
[*]Compact and lightweight design.
[*]Built-in sliding lens cover.
[*]Microphone input connection.
[*]Weight 435g.
[*]Size (H)4.9, (W)9.2, (H)11.5cm.[/LIST]

As well as the 500 bonus points you've listed you'd also pick up a fiver's worth of points via 'normal' advantage card use, therefore a tenner in Boots' 'cashback' & go via Quidco for 3.5% (another £4.38 back via Qiudco) so almost 15 quid off the title price if you use both these reward schemes on an already good price!!!

Nice work Cat.

Tempted but can't use get another 500 points free (as used already!!)

Nice find Cat


Tempted but can't use get another 500 points free (as used already!!)

Have you used TJAF57 valid until 17/7/07 = 750 points ?

Nice piece of kit for the price

Oh I'm so tempted, any clue how long they take to deliver from Boots?

What media do you actually record onto with this camera?


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Thanks for the replies all

Here's the link to the MV890 on the canon website if you need further information:


it uses miniDV tape - I have one of these and would recommend - the only downside is that it records the noise of the camera recording (I'm sure there's a name for this) and easily heard during play back, but otherwise brilliant for the price.

would have bought if it had dv IN

Thanks Dromore :thumbsup:

I have one of these and paid £279.00 for it just 9 months ago. I would not hesitate to recommend it, for this price you will not find a better video camera.


Its out of stock :x

Out of stock now.:-(


It states stock coming soon


It states stock coming soon

Which is the same as being out of stock.. ;-)


You dont say.......

Sometimes when these offers come up it is along the lines of 'when its gone its gone'. My point being that this looks like an ongoing offer.


Bad news.... just spoken to Boots and the camcorder is discontinued and they will not have no more delivered :-(

Deal was good while it lasted but out of stock within 2 hours of posting :x
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