Canon Pixma IX4000  " A3 "  Inkjet Printer - £183.83 @ Paperpunch

Canon Pixma IX4000 " A3 " Inkjet Printer - £183.83 @ Paperpunch

Found 17th Mar 2009
Yes its expensive but it's good with a cracking price.

Was getting fed up with blocked print heads on Epsoms, Jumbo Jet refuel prices on HP and other printers and I wanted to go bigger. This will print up to a massive A3 size in Photos or Documents / Posters if you so wish.

Being keen on photography thought I'd spend some of my savings on a decent large printer ......... and this really is rather good. Searched very carefully on the net and came up with Paperpunch offering best price and next day free delivery. Ordered mine ( by phone ... prefer the personal touch ) yesterday and recieved it today. Little bit fussy to set up and install software but took it very easy and after couple of head aligments and cleans ......... its fine.

Amazon usually a good meter for prices but they are at £243. PC World Business at £280 and a few lower. But at £184 reckon this is a snip.

Do look at the product reviews on Amazon for their IX4000 and reckon you'll be impressed at this upper market printer.

Also very important the replacement inks come in at about £6 each if you wanted ready chipped; or if you're prepared to 'transfer a chip ' from an old cartidge then down to about £2.50 per colour. Four separate tanks. Have a look at Phoenix Inks for details. BTW this came with Full Tanks - quite unusual.

All in all I'm pleased and looking forward to some big pics. Very impressed by Paperpunch. Type in " IX4000" in their home page search box and should find it.


Looks like a good deal - I was thinking about one of these myself.

It's only a 4 ink printer. How do you fine prints with fine graduations? What are skin tones like?
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