Canon Pixma MG2550S MFC Inkjet Printer AIO £19.99 (Was £25.99) Delivered with code @ CartridgePeople

Canon Pixma MG2550S MFC Inkjet Printer AIO £19.99 (Was £25.99) Delivered with code @ CartridgePeople

Found 21st Aug 2017
This printer is a bit of a bargain! Perfect timing too, for back to school and Uni starters alike, Scan copy and print

use code 'AFFPRINTER' at checkout.

Family photos and text documents will be printed with ease when using this Canon Pixma MG2550S available from Cartridge People.

A sleek-looking model which can also scan and copy, the MG2550S is the perfect everyday printer for your home. The all-in-one machine won’t take up too much room on a desktop and is quiet when in operation. There is also the added benefit of an Auto Power On/Off function that can help you save energy.

The MG2550S has the ability to use the face-recognition features of the My Image Garden app to print and organise your favourite photographs. Additionally, you can add creativity to your printing through CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM. This will be useful to those who like to produce their own birthday cards and calendars.

Whether you’re looking for deep blacks needed for text documents or vibrant colours to bring your digital photos to life, this Canon device is an affordable way to get outstanding results.

When it comes to saving money on Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges, you can buy from Cartridge People and also take advantage of the XL cartridges which can be used in this all-in-one.
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Does this take cheap compatible ink carts?
"...1 x Set Starter Cartridges Included..." where "Starter" = low capacity. Check cost of replacement standard / high capacity ink cartridges before commitment to avoid unexpected landfill considerations.
for around £10 more you can get a Canon WIfi printer which is more useful to print from a mobile/tablet…tml
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Good Deal! Been after a cheap printer and I've heard compatible cartridges work fine with this.
Ordered thank you.
Does this come with ink cartridges??
machomansavage9 h, 31 m ago

Does this come with ink cartridges??

Yes but it is a starter catridg
problem with these so called cheap printers is they end costing more as a set of compatibles are £20 or so plus they are not individual cartridges. Individual are better as you can change the single colour that has run out.
Better off pricing replacement cartridges before purchasing any printer to avoid disappointment later.
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It is fun to take photos and print out using in-house printer. But the killer for a cheap printer is the price of its cartridge. It's almost same as the price of printer!
Does anyone know if I should check the price of toners before buying a printer?
Nooooo ! £20 for the printer with ink included that will do about 180 pages....thats equal to about 11p/sheet, but afterwards, when you need to buy replacement inks then a pair of those you'll find will cost about £25 and that will bump the price per sheet up to 14p... (It's cheaper overall, to buy an epson or brother if youre going to do more than 180 pages on it!)
Asda did a £20 canon printer a few years ago, people were buying them, using up the ink then when they discovered that it was cheaper to buy another printer than to buy more ink, they either tried to sell it or dumped the almost new item into landfill....ebay had a mountain of people trying to get rid of them for a few quid.
Saving the environment has never been my first concern, but when this happens it just seems so blatently wrong!
allowed22nd Aug

Yes but it is a starter catridg

Apparently then one I uploaded comes with two full ink cartridges from Argos. For 23.99 so have q look at mine
This printer is a bit of a bargain!
Talk about big up your deal and make people think it's better than it is.
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