Canon PIXMA MP250 Inkjet All-in-One Colour Printer (Refurbished) Canon Ebay outlet

Canon PIXMA MP250 Inkjet All-in-One Colour Printer (Refurbished) Canon Ebay outlet

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Found 17th Aug 2012
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Does it come with ink cartridges ??
Can't see any mention of ink included.

Does it come with ink cartridges ??

A previous post of this several months ago had a comment stating the printer came with sample cartridges that do not last long.
Had n Canon MX340 of them earlier this year and it came with cartridges
but always best to email seller to check .
Mine were full cartridges but some come with starter ones i believe.
I got the wi-fi MP499 as mentioned on here earlier in the week. Is it true that they're very ink-hungry machines?

Suppose I can't grumble for £20 (in my case).
asked seller about cartridges , await reply , they seemexpensive tobuy ?
Yeah, that's one of the reasons I'm going to junk my HP..had problems with remanufactured cartridges (though I know they're not all the same) and HP official ones are silly money. If the Canon ones are silly expensive or their machines are ink gobbling monsters I may send it back; haven't opened it yet.
I love Canon printers. These canons cartridges are easy to refill, unlike HP. One reason I'll never touch HP. Epson always seem the cheapest cartridges to buy. Shame their printers aren't a patch on Canon.
Sphere, thanks for the opinion which gives a bit of balance. I was thinking about an Epson too, but maybe I should look into getting a Canon refill kit. Anyone recommend one as I'm a bit clueless with printers?
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Does it come with ink cartridges ??

I bought (and started a thread on here for its bigger brother - MP495) an MP270 from Canon ebay and it came with the standard (not high capacity) ink cartridges. The black didn't last too long but I bought 100ml of ink for about £1.50 and refilled the cartridge, no issues and I've printed loads since. I've also since bought the colour inks (100ml each x 3) for about 6 quid but haven't used them yet. If you are going for genuine cartridges, it's cheaper to throw the printer away (or sell it without cartridges) and buy another printer, they are so cheap!

Edited to say I used this company for the inks:…_Us

They are also on ebay…645, just call them up! Edited again to say the inks aren't shown on their site bt if you call them up and say you wan 1 x black and 1 x cyan magenta and yellow and the syringe etc, it will probably cost less than £10. I already had the syringe etc so just needed the inks.

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ffil, thanks for the quick response. You're a star :-) Hopefully this is the end of my printer woes (put up with my HP being weird with remanufactured cartridges for months).
Go mine from here…i00
OK not as cheap as refilling but very good quality .
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An ebay seller is selling the same universal refill kit as above.…c8c (x2 colour kit, so it works out 60ml each bottle).

Or, black and colour:…58c
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Ordered! Thanks op, just what my wife was looking for.
I had an mp210 for donkeys never a problem refilling and a cracking scanner but always wondered if the grass was greener. Bought a hp 3050 through hukd, lid broke in the first week, it didn't like being refilled, cursed myself for doubting canon. Bought a canon mp499 through hukd today, happy to return to the fold!
would this printer be ideal for printing lots of uni work/powerpoints out?
or which printer would you recommend for uni work? with cheap ink

would this printer be ideal for printing lots of uni work/powerpoints out?

If you are doing a lot of printing I would go for an inkjet with separate individual colour cartridges.

I've done the refill way and after a time you simply want a printer with cheap compatible cartridges.

For anything but occasional colour printing get a printer that has a least 3 separate colour cartridges and check out the compatible cartridges prices.

Brother printers usually are good, some Canons and some Epsons.
Got mine delivered today and it has brand new ink carts (x2). The only annoyance is that the power plug is continental 2-pin
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