Canon Powershot A2000 IS Digital Camera (10MP, 6x Opt, 3.0" LCD) - £134.99 delivered @ Jessops!
Canon Powershot A2000 IS Digital Camera (10MP, 6x Opt, 3.0" LCD) - £134.99 delivered @ Jessops!

Canon Powershot A2000 IS Digital Camera (10MP, 6x Opt, 3.0" LCD) - £134.99 delivered @ Jessops!

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Canon's Powershot A-2000 is the perfect travel companion because it's easy to use. This lightweight camera weighs only 200g and is compact. Its 10-megapixel sensor and DIGIC III image processor mean that you're guaranteed quality photos! Plus, the Powershot A-2000 includes an easy shot function, an optical stabiliser, automatic sensitivity adjustment, as well as a large 3-inch LCD screen!


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Canon Powershot A2000 IS - Exclusive to Jessops

As well as having Face Detection and a 3.0" LCD monitor, the 10-megapixel Powershot A2000IS also features a 6x optical zoom to bring your subject closer, 17 shooting modes and optical Image Stabiliser.

[INDENT] 6x optical zoom with optical IS
A powerful 6x optical zoom lets you bring distant scenes up close. The addition of Canon’s optical Image Stabilizer counteracts the effects of camera shake - keeping your pictures sharp throughout the zoom range.

17 Shooting Modes & My Colors
A handy mode dial gives you fingertip access to 17 shooting modes. These include Easy mode, for extra-simple point-and-shoot operation, and a dedicated Sunset mode. My Colors filter effects, such as black and white, can be added during shooting.

A Canon DIGIC III processor provides lightning quick responses, superb image quality and advanced noise reduction for sharper, clearer images. iSAPS technology uses shooting scene data to optimise camera settings even before a shot is taken.

Great people shots
A suite of Face Detection technologies detects up to nine faces in a shot and adjusts focus, exposure, flash settings and white balance - for optimal results with natural-looking skin tones. Face Select & Track lets you choose and track your primary subject, so you never lose a special face in the crowd.
With Auto Red Eye Correction, it's possible to remove the ‘red-eye’ effect caused by flash, fast and accurately. Get instant, automatic red-eye correction immediately after your shot is taken – or choose between manual or automatic correction in playback.

Get sharper shots without blur
A combination of Canon technologies makes great, blur-free photos easy. Activated in High ISO Auto, Motion Detection Technology uses Face Detection Technology, the optical Image Stabilizer and scene information - on both scene brightness and changes between individual frames - to identify subject motion and camera-shake. ISO is also optimised for minimum blur and maximum image quality.

Movie options
Supplement your photos with smooth, 30fps VGA video. A special Long Play mode means around twice as much footage can be stored on your memory card. All this can be viewed clearly on the generous 3.0" LCD monitor. [/INDENT]

Good for beginners, not so good if you want to take charge of your pictures.
Depending upon your level of experience, the new Canon Powershot A2000 IS will either be an attractive proposition or a disappointment. Beginners will love it - the A2000 is a camera that produces excellent images in good light, covers a large focal range for such a small camera thanks to the 6x zoom lens, and has a massive 3 inch LCD screen on the back that can be viewed from a wide angle. The wealth of different scene modes is accompanied by the ultimate point-and-shoot Easy mode, which really does make the A2000 suitable for all the family.

The more experienced photographer, however, should look elsewhere. Canon's high-end A-series have traditionally bridged the gap between cheap compacts and more expensive and complicated cameras, offering a full-range of creative shooting modes, but not anymore. Both the new A2000 and A1000 models have completely dispensed with the key feature that attracted owners of DSLRs looking for a second pocket camera, or those who wanted control over what the camera was doing. It's almost as if Canon have crippled their A-series cameras to encourage more people to buy one of their entry-level DSLRs instead - not that I'm cynical or anything.

The A2000 IS also suffers from less than stellar image quality in low-light due to obvious noise appearing at ISO 400 and faster, the lack of any hand-grip which makes it difficult to hold, annoyingly slow flash recycle times, and a slow continuous shooting speed. Which leaves us with a solid mid-range camera that still comes recommended, particularly to its new family target audience, but not to the aspiring photographer that it once appealed to...

I assume this is the replacement for the A720is. I've got the A720is and it's an excellent camera, but, as the above comment/review states, this new one seems to have got rid of some of the features which I like (manual controls, hand grip) The A720is doesn't appear to be on Jessops website any more, so I wonder if they'll turn up cheap somewhere? Might be worth checking the Canon Outlet.

I have tha A710 myself, thinking of an upgrade.

I'd love a 450D for the picture quality but would miss not having any video recording capability as it's so easy on the A710 with decent quality.
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